Home Learning 19/01/18

Apologies for the confusion with last week’s home learning.  As I think this is a really exciting activity, I thought I’d reset it!

This week, you need to select your favourite or most interesting fairy tale and retell it.  How you retell it is up to you: a simple retelling, a retelling in a different setting or time, a written story, a poem, a comic strip…be as creative as possible.

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I look forward to compiling all our retellings into a class book to share with future Year 4s.

Heroes and Villains

Our topic this half term in Reception is Heroes and Villains. We have read lots of fantastic stories and the children have especially enjoyed learning about Supertato and his nemesis the Evil Pea.

The Evil Pea has visited our class and caused a lot of mischief! The children decided that he needed to be stopped and so have been very busy making traps and signs. Have a look at all their fantastic writing.

2L’s Visit To The Horniman Museum

Today, 2L went on a fantastic Educational Visit to the Horniman Museum as part of our Toys And Games Topic. We would like to say a big thank you to the parents and carers who came with us on our Visit – they helped make it a fabulous day.

First, we had nearly an hour to look around the museum, so we went to see the Natural History section. We saw many animals and fossils, including a tiger, a giant walrus, many types of birds and even a ‘merman,’ which had been made from the tail of a fish and the torso of a monkey!

Next, we had a wonderful Puppet Workshop. We learned about lots of different types puppets from all over the world. We saw Indian string puppets, stick or rod puppets, Victorian hand puppets and shadow puppets from Bali.

Finally, we had a Toys And Games workshop where we played with and discussed toys from different countries, including Zimbabwe. Here are the photos: