100 Word Challenge

This is a painting of Henry VIII and Queen Anne Boleyn.

What do you think is happening in this scene?  What do you think they are both thinking?

Use your 100 words to post a comment below recounting this event.

4 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge”

  1. I can see HenryVIII and Anne boleyn getting married in secret. The whole room is encrusted in gold. Anne’s dress looks like it is made of finest white silk. Henry’s fancy gold cloak has a white fur trim around the edge of it. He is also wearing tights. In Tudor times rich men wore tights. Anne is wearing a golden head dress; because rich tudor women had beautiful gold- encrusted head dresses like that. Henry is wearing a tomato-colored tunic. The cardinal is there. He is the one in bright red frills and a hat.Henry has a hat as well. His hat has white fur on it.

  2. Today was the best day of my life. I was wearing my best clothes and shiny gold over me. I’m delighted that I am king. I’m thinking Anne Boleyn is the best for me and will always be. I hope I get a heir. I predict that Anne Boleyn is thinking what I’m thinking. My servant offered me a delicious drink and I took it happily. The servant had short hair and an orange cape tied around his neck. My small tights were very itchy, but I could not itch them, because it will be embarrassing in front of everyone.

  3. I think they are having wonderful party in royal Greenwich Palace. I think they are think they love each over because Henry VIII thinks Anne Boleyn is beautiful and Anne thinks Henry is handsome. And Anne also wants to be queen and that is a bit secretly selfish.
    And I believe there is a spy lurking in a dark black corner and a man in posh red clothes speaking to a woman in dark black clothes who is a visitor maybe. You can see hundreds of visitors through the light golden hallway in the centre of the big grand room.

  4. I can see someone offering Henry VIII a drink. Henry VIII is looking like he would take the drink but Anne Boleyn looks like she doesn’t really want it. He looks like he is having a great time but I don’t really think Henry VIII is getting married to Anne Boleyn in that photograph I just think they are holding a party like they normally do but that is what I think. I think Anne Boleyn is thinking “That drink that that man is offering us looks disgusting!” and Henry VIII is thinking ” Mmm, that looks tasty…” I think that man is offering Henry the drink because one: He is the king and two: He doesn’t want to upset the king otherwise HE MIGHT GET HIS HEAD CHOPPED OFF!!!

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