5 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge”

  1. The evil witches with white skin are making a spell to bring Macbeth to them and tell him his future. Or perhaps it’s a deadly spell that will slaughter the whole world. In their possession are potions and spell books that may be popular or may not be. They have not that much strength so maybe they are making a strength potion. They are using eight potions and the eighth will be the deadliest potion so they will be careful and calm. If that potion touches them they will burn because the potion is as hot as white acid. Or it may cause acid rain. They are standing on light brown dirt. There is misty fog in a hole under there feet and if they fall In they will die because they are allergic to the potions they are mixing. And they wear their dirty brown clothes very often and then get diseases from them and the diseases make them really weak every second. They might succeed to bring Macbeth but they might not, you will never know what will happen until it happens. Their purpose is to make potions and discover stuff and they possess magical powers. They all have a short hunch backs and the position they are in is very very dangerous.

  2. As the sun rises over the wet beach, three bedraggled Witches trudge along the beach, dappling the wet sands with their crooked feet, hobbling over to a sand carved hole, strewn with mortal blood.They huddled around the blood-strewn pit as they chant’When shall we three meet again? in thunder, lightning or in rain? ‘ And the second witch proceeded,’When the hurly-burly ‘s done when the battles lost and won.’ The array of intriguing objects placed in the hole began to work their magic.The Witches say to each other the magic spell and walk away.

  3. As the sun shone brightly, the three evil witches were planning to do a helpful and wicked spell on misty Macbeth. One of the unpopular, an exhausted witch was putting a horrible dead man’s arm into the potion. It was disgusting. The three despicable witches were wearing a piece of rotten rag which stunk. Suddenly, thick white smoke was appearing out of the tiny hole. It was like someone rising from the dead. It looked like all of the witches has used all their strengths to make this spell. Who actually knows, maybe the potion is for Macbeth to become more popular?

  4. As the blazing hot sun rose above the turquoise wavy sea, the ugly sack wearing witches gathered around their bubbling, sizzling cauldron, making a spell which will tell Macbeth the future OR a potion to poison his heart forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. The sun fell as it grew dark, whilst the 3 cruel witches shuffled and mumbled throughout the damp breezy beach planning things towards Macbeth. They stopped walking and began to dig a hole in the ground then stood up walked a miniature pace away from the hole and mumbled. They then put in…..
    .1. 1 pint of blood
    .2. 1 Skeletons skull
    .3. 2 horse hair
    .4. 8 tomato seeds
    These were burried…

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