2 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge”

  1. Dear diary,
    Today, Henry invited me to his colossal, exuberant banquet. It was a real honer for Henry to invite me to a gleefull royal party. A huge amount of people were there including prince Edward, Princess Mary and Elizabeth and Catherine Howard.
    Firstly, we had the royal choir sing. It was a great success. The choir had a magnificent, wonderful and cheerful voice. They sang one of Henry’s songs ( and my favourite song ) ” Passtime with good company ” by ” Henry VIII Tudor “.They sang the song blissfully and ecstaticly while …

  2. Dear Diary,
    Today was amazing! Henry invited me to his mager, colosal banquet in the great hall of amazement. I played such an important role. I was the main character in the cool play. (Which was celebrating his new religion.) There were many other people, who were enjoying there self, parting and celebrating. They sang my favourite song : Pass time with good company. I whish it could happen again.

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