100 Word Challenge

You have 100 words (no more) to write about these images and add a blog entry.

Your 100 words could be in the form of fiction, non-fiction or poetry, using  this image of Julius Caesar and the Roman Empire’s attempt to conquer Britain, for the first time.

roman invasion

2 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge”

  1. I proudly watched the Roman elite infantry as they fearlessly row closer. The manor-less cheers of the Celts barley damaging the infinite morale of the Romans. There was a massive gasp from the Celts as they realized they had an unfazed army happily getting in range. Despite the fact that the Celts were shocked, they quickly charged down to attack the Romans by surprise. On the other hand, the Romans were well prepared to throw their javelins. They laughed in the background as they butchered their enemies. We finally conquered the Britannia.

  2. Dear diary, It was a lovely summer day in England. Me and my friends had planned to go to the shore fishing. When we arrived on the cliff tops, I saw lots of weird looking things in the water. They had wings like birds but they could swim. The mysterious things were moving towards us. What should we do and who are they? One of us ran quickly back to the village to gather more people, whilst I stayed behind to keep watching what was going to happen?
    Soon more villagers arrived with spears and shields. What will happen next?

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