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This week, in English, we are comparing life in Ancient Rome and Ancient Britain as we investigate the Roman conquest of Britain in AD43.  For this week’s 100 Word Challenge, use these 2 images to write a comparison between the two settings…are you a Roman coming to Britain or a Celt arriving in Ancient Rome?  What are the main differences that jump out at you?  How do these differences make you feel?

Celtic Village Life Roman City Life

Add your 100 words as a comment to this post, rather than beginning a new post.

The most imaginative post will be selected by the class to represent the class in Achievement Assembly.

11 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge”

  1. As I walked through Britain I noticed that there were thatched roofs, made out of straw and others made out of heather. It was a complete change of scenery, at first I didn’t even realise it was a house, I just couldn’t make out what it was, it felt like I was dreaming.

    Looking around it was like I was in space, I just couldn’t gasp in the scenery and atmosphere. The atmosphere was calm and quiet. Where as I’m used to a noisy and lively atmosphere. The houses and monuments looked absolutely weird I had to glare at them.

    1. As the wooden ships came by across the jagged rocks, confidence of faces appeared from the Romans as they knew that this land could be theirs.

      Sharpening of sword, the screeching sound of a shields been touched, as this was the sounds of the fierce, strong, courageous Roman army been preparing for battle. Quickly climbing out of their fleets, the glide into formation ready to concur these rotten people. the reason why the Roman army are fighting the intriguing Celts tried to help the French Gulls while the roman was fighting the gulls so they now decide to defat them

  2. I have just arrived in ancient Britain from ancient Rome. It seems really different because there are mud houses and in Rome there are brick houses. At home it is crowded but here it is not even busy. I can see a lot of farm land and it looks very green. Their clothes are also really different to ours. They are growing their own food and crops when we just buy it.

    I feel like I was going back in time as everything seemed less modern to what I am used to.

  3. When I opened the old squeaky door, I saw a whole new world. A market with lots of people selling interesting things. There were new trades like people being swapped for shiny round things, funny shaped food and sparkly stones. The buildings looked mysterious. They were hard rocks and taller than trees back home. They were everywhere and I could not see the sky and hear the birds singing. The people dressed differently to us too. Their clothes were colourful and men looked smarter. I felt crowded. I missed the trees and nature. I missed my people because life is calmer and more peaceful in Britain.

  4. In the street there were people dying every where – some even crying in pain! As I slowly crept through them in the old, dusty cobble pavement, I could feel bits of glass and blood every where on the floor, digging into my shoe. My feet were killing me, but I had to go and get food for me and my family or we could starve to death. We have a small house in Rome made out of cheap, old, useless bricks. Our Emperor Nero is normally out all the time conquering different countries with his army .
    By : Erim

  5. In the street , there were people dying every -where some even crying in pain. As I slowly crept through them in the old , dusty , cobble pavement , I could feel bits of glass and blood every on the floor , digging into my shoe . My feet were killing me , but I had to go and get food for me and my family or we would starve to death. We have a small house in Rome made out of old ,dusty , use-less bricks. Our Emperor Nero is normally out all the time conquering different countries with his army.
    By : Erim

  6. when I started to walk through ancient Rome I was really surprised because I saw a lot of straw and wood houses. I had a lot of questions like why am I here was I born here do I belong here. the people were growing their crops and making their own fire and looking after themselves they that they want to.

  7. I see nothing but fields. I remember Rome and think of the bustling streets, relaxing baths and the market stalls groaning in the breeze, with the weight of many ripe, mouth- watering fruits. Here, is nothing but a few clumps of isolated, villages and tribes of barbarians scattered across this dank country. Clothes patched, a few children watch wide-eyed as we march onwards. Where are the villas?

    A yell breaks the deathly silence. One of the troops has spotted a tribe, blocking our path, clutching blood-stained swords. Pupils dilated in something I can’t put my finger on – revenge, hatred.

  8. As I started to walk through I saw a lot of people bartering their things for some other things I also started to feel the mournful wind going past me. I felt like ancient Rome was the best and safest place to be. there was Absolutely nothing other than the things I was talking about sure there were lots of statues and a lot of city halls but where were all the houses and villas that I wanted to see. before I came to this area I was actually in ancient Britain see. I thought that ancient Rome would way more better than ancient britan but I guess I was wrong.

  9. I stared up at the grand, smooth marble pillars, and suddenly heard something behind me. Shooting round, I was startled, as a fully grown horse pulling a heavy cart loaded full of exotic fruits came trotting by, inches away from me. Slowly backing away, I clumsily tripped on a small market stall which was selling intricate, china mosaics, full of little tiles of ocean blue, deep red and sap green.
    “I’m so sorry!” I exclaimed, kneeling down sweeping up the shattered decorations with my dry, mud coated hands. Suddenly, I was called, we were to go in to battle immediately.

  10. As I walk trough the streets of Rome, trying to be careful, I saw that there were horses just roaming around!
    Finlay, i found my master waiting for me on a fealed with grass as green as leaves. He started talking to me about who I will go and kidnap to question about the plan that their emperor will do to our beloved country.

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