100 Word Challenge

In 55BC, Julius Caesar and his Roman army attempted to conquer Britannia for the very first time.  In 100 words, retell the story.

Add your 100 words as a comment to this post, rather than beginning a new post.

The most imaginative post will be selected by the class to represent the class in Achievement Assembly.

6 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge”

  1. Us Legionary soldiers prepared for leaving bright sunny Pompeii to windy damp Britain when heartbroken crowds said good bye sorrowfully as they saw their beloved brother’s husbands or sons going to fight.

    When we started to float to sea, General Julius Caesar declared that bye morning we should morning we should arrive at Britain or land to camp. As we were on our way on shore, one of the Axially soldiers peered and saw that the Celts were there on land waiting for us to battle so from Dover we past threw Kent. we arrived at the beach and fought

  2. Aboard the stifling fleet, I peer around the bustling harbour… families clutch loved ones tearfully as the pain of them leaving is too strong, a Centurion bellows hoarse commands and the legionaries board the rocking boats. We leave, waving frantically, while the next few weeks train harder than ever, on the vessels. Swords clang, arrows fired and wrestling matches won. Sharpening my weapons, I notice a black silhouette on the horizon. As we get closer, the black line morphs into a blurry island. We approach the island and sail in-between the pebbly cove. Finally, we arrive at the famous Britannia.

  3. We roman soldiers started to set sail to leave our sunny Pompeii
    our people started to say farewell to us we all felt heartbroken to
    leave our loved ones and our friends. Quickly I went onto the boat
    because the ship was about to leave. our legionary started to force
    the men to row the boat. I started to feel the mournful wind slowly
    move behind. But then I started to see green mountains then I realised that we have arrived in Britannia we slowly went onto the white hard rocks. suddenly I saw a Celt soldier who started to call
    the rest of the soldiers so we had to fight them on their beach I quickly started to go the boat to protect our honourable and most humble leader Julies ceaser the battles were ferocious but then we managed to defeat them and conquer their land so that meant we had defated them and we had done the biggest conquering in history.

  4. Julius Caesar was having a crowded meeting with all the legionaries’ who were talking about the attack on Britannia. They were discussing how to get all the resources, like tin, gold, iron out of Britannia by losing the least amount of soldiers during the battle. Julius Caesar had trained hundreds of men to be strong, powerful, fearless soldiers, ready for a war. They rounded up the troops, loaded them on boats and sailed across the Mediterranean Sea.
    They arrived on a freezing cold windy island, where they were met by scary looking Celts which looked like monsters ready to attack.

  5. As we clambered aboard the rocking wooden ship, my heart thumped like mad. It was like it was racing a lion; gladiators, I thought. But we weren’t roman gladiators, or roman slaves. We were part of the great and powerful roman empire. Fighters, ready to win any battle we wanted.
    Britannia is a land full of treasure and great discoveries. The Celts were strong, sweaty fighters, and there were many more of them than us. It wasn’t going to be easy, but we weren’t going to give up without a fight that we would win.

  6. Julius Caesar and his Roman army travelled out to conquer Brittania.

    They gathered around and climbed on board while most of the troops waved and hugged their loved ones. They finally set off with the people in the harbor waving at them and blowing kisses. People saw the beautiful islands and the gentle waves splashing against their wooden strong boats. Suddenly one person on Julius Caesar boat spotted shore with the Celts waiting their he got loads of boats to sneak around the back to trap them as people touched land they jumped of the wooden boat.


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