100 Word Challenge

Boudicca is preparing her Celtic troops to fight against the might of the Roman army, led by Governor of Britain, Paulinus.  In 100 words, create a speech worthy of rallying her warriors for the battle ahead.

Post your Boudicca speech, remembering our work on persuasion, as a comment below.

5 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge”

  1. ” Boudicca will lead.” The words came slowly and steadily out of his mouth. It was almost as if he didn’t want her to; his voice was packed with seriousness. Paulinus turned and watched as the public and soldiers as they shouted and screamed, disagreeing or agreeing. There were shouts of “NO!”’s and “YES”’s and cries for help. It had been decided now, Boudicca would lead the Celts to their former glory of winning. But it wasn’t going to be that easy. They still had the ruthless Romans to go through.

  2. “Every one listen, I Boudicca have been betrayed! These Romans have killed my husband Prasutagus and tortured our people and land, we must unite as tribes and defeat the Romans in war!Together we will win, nothing will stop us from fighting for freedom! Our life will not be ruled by someone other than us! Fight for Britannia!”

  3. As Boudicca lead her ferocious army to battle, before she had persuaded them to join her to defeat the cruel Romans for they wanted to double up taxes by giving food, essential things and LAND! Boudicca was furious about this so she gathered up an army.

    Ready for battle, Boudicca Spread the Woad on to her diligent face. Proudly putting on her wealthy rob, she prepared a worthy speech about this terrible, bloody battle. I want no defeat, or to lie died on the lush grass like rotten meat or a retched retreat but I want
    victory .It began

  4. As I peer over my army, I see, not different tribes rallying against the Romans, but different tribes united as one, claiming back our homeland. I see fierce warriors, ready to slaughter our sworn enemies. Only a few months ago, we would have been fighting against each other, but now we act as one, fight as one and believe as one. Together we are mightier than the oppositional side. They have flogged me in front of my tribe, beat and attacked my daughters and publicly humiliated me by stealing my money and land. We shall fight and avenge our honour!

  5. when I saw my queen who was ferociously standing on top of the
    field with her tribes. when I saw over my men I do not see only
    one legion ready to attack us I actually see about two legions
    ready to attack at first I thought that we were going to die and
    we will not win but then I stayed firm I had belief that we were
    going to win but I was wrong the romans defeated us with there
    strong and cougerous

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