100 Word Challenge

In English, we have been looking at traditional tales. Β For this week’s 100 word challenge, use this image as your stimulus and leave a comment with any form of writing which this picture inspires.

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  1. Hair hangs down from the tall pointy tower in the deep dark forest by the light sunny grey cliff with the moss on the bottom of it with the dark green tree tops. beside it is dark pitch black shadows with the small skinny bushes and moss on the tall skinny tower and bumps on the light grey trees With cracks in the cliffs and a young teen trying to escape the tall tower and a prince trying to help her escape.

  2. Rapunzel was stuck securely in a long, tall, eerie Tower. Her hair was as long as a Giraffe’s neck. One the crack of dawn, a handsome, young prince was running away from some evil people. After a while he spotted a tall tower just on the edge of a cliff….

  3. The silky long hair was flung down from the top of tall, daunting tower. The prince tugged at the golden hair as he clambered up the unstable brick. Finely he reached the top of the leaning tower.

  4. A tall ,towering tower made of hard bricks but in the fairy tale a brave hero is climbing to save his girlfriend Rapunzel because she is stuck in the tall tower at the bottom of a cliff. As the brave hero continues to rescue Rapunzel, dangers are attacking her girlfriend and wanting to kill her so the hero can find another girlfriend instead of her so he decides not to give up. So the brave charming hero decides to kill all the dangers to stop Rapunzel from being killed forever so he climbs higher and higher and higher as the story progresses on and on…

  5. it was a hot day I heard a scream from a tower. I looked around and it was a very loud scream in the very top of the tower and it was a princess. It was princess

  6. A long deep tower , up in the sky,

    A tower very very high,

    As long as a millon trees,

    But only locked with one key

    high in the clouds up above

    A tower with no love

    she had long flowery hair

    a man trying to rescue her

    he was trying his best

    he climbed carefully

    a girl who was happy as could be

    her hair was the longest

  7. One shiny morning in a tall tower a princes called Release .She livid their from when she was born.A old woman put her their.The old woman called her name evrey day to go up.

  8. The tall scary tower was the frietening hide out of the mean scary
    Witch’s hideout were she would hide Rupunzel the king’s douter
    which would stare out of the small tower window wishing she
    could go outside and explore the exiting world.
    But the witch who pretended to be her mother said that the world outside was dangerus and that there were wild animals in the
    dark , gloomy forest.
    But the real reason was the witch was afraied the king’s guards would find her and take her away because Rupunzel actualy
    belonged to the king.

  9. it was a hot day I heard a scream from a tower. I looked around and it was a very loud scream in the very top of the tower and it was a princess.

  10. The man shouted “Roll down your hair Rapunzel!” So she did. She throe d her long ,clean, blond hair which shined in the sun. The man clinged to her hair and he climbed up it and eventually he got to the top quite out of breath and climbed in to the tall, stone, old tower. They knew each other quite well now so she didn’t slam him in the face with a frying pan or tie him to a chair she just said hello and gave him some food and said bye and he went back down.

  11. In a castle not far away, there lived a family that didn’t get along. There was two ugly, mean step sisters and a mean mom. The was one more sister called Cinderella. They didnt treat Cinderella properly and they made her do all the working in the castle. That was until a letter popped through the letter post….

  12. The tower towered the stranger’s head as Rapunzel let down her golden brown hair, the man started to climb the ridiculously long hair but his slimy hands slipped off the hair it repeatedly continued but he didn’t give up as he willingly climbed the hair that Rapunzel had let go for him he tried a different plan where he tied her hair to a tall tree then Rapunzel slid down the tree and she was freed from the gigantic tower where her villainous, monsterous mother kept her lying that it would be really dangerous in the real adventure world.

  13. Rapunzel let her shining hair of glory down from the tall wiked tower ,Rapunzel was glad to see the prince telling her to let her hair down so
    he could save her from the evil witch.When the handsome prince was half way the evil witch corlt the prince from climing up the tall tower.The wich screamed loudly “UMM WHAT ARE YOU DOWING UP THERE”.The prince terned his head with shock Rapunzel iooked up like she was gonna scream.The prince got in lots of truble by his father and by the witch but Rapunzel got in more truble than that she got no food for the rest of the day wich was sad for Rapunzel.
    As the sun shone through the tall ouk trees Rapunzel woke up ,then she sudenly remembered about yesterday so as quiek as a flash she whent to the window to see if the prince was there but sadly he wasn’t there so whith tearse coming down her face she sat on her bed but sudenly as it was her birthday the prince turned up shouting”Rapunzel Rapunzel let down “your hair as the witch was gone Rapunzel let down her shining hair again the prince climed up .

  14. He looks up to the beautiful lady and asked to throw down her own long hair and then he started to climb up.Then as soon he got up she gave him some food and then he asked how long was you looked in there for? About a month who does owns this house i figote his name I’m going after him the women said okay and then he dusted the door open and run down the stairs. When he got to the last step he asked do you own this house he said yeah he staded him in the heart and he dropped on the floor and died not a word.

  15. Hansel and Gretel were left in the dark , spooky forest. They were very hungry and had nothing to eat. Then Hansel could smell a mouthwatering smell coming from behind thousands of trees. As they both came closer to the mysterious, delicious smell, they discovered it was coming from the ginger bread house. This was not just an ordinary house but a cottage made of yummy, gummy sweets with icing so thick, so hard, but perfectly tasty. They ran so fast towards the house and started picking the scrumptious, delectable candy off the cottage and plunged them down their throats. How happy they were now!

  16. There is a girl with golden light hair in the middle of a deep dark forest. It looks like it is in the country of Prussia (A old country from the Georgian era and before that does not exist these days and these days it is Germany).

    And there are light grey cliffs with light and dark green moss on the bottom. And big dark shadows at the bottom and some are pitch black.

    And there is some fog at the very bottom. And there are some shadows of light in the middle of the top and a young man.

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