100 Word Challenge

You have 100 words (no more) to write about these images and add a blog entry.

Your 100 words could be in the form of fiction, non-fiction or poetry, using  these images of Piccadilly Circus from the past and present as your stimulus.

piccadilly then piccadilly now

2 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge”

    1. The time machine

      1930 Piccadilly Circus is my destination
      2017 Piccadilly Circus is my home
      1930 My camera can only photograph in black and white
      2017 My camera shows all the colours everywhere
      1930 Vehicles are square and slow and not plenty
      2017 Vehicles are faster and there are plenty more
      1930 Population is enjoyable and I can walk pleasurably
      2017 Population is overcrowded and I feel like I am being crushed
      1930 Many Londoners are around and I fit in
      2017 Tourists are visiting London and many different languages can be heard
      1930 I will be back to visit
      2017 This is where I live.

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