Recipes for Spring treats

Chocolate nests


Ingredients: Rice crispies, chocolate, mini eggs.


1. Melt the chocolate.


2. Mix in the rice crispies.


3. Spoon into cases.


4. Add mini eggs.


5. Put in the fridge.


Sweet nests (dairy and nut free)

Ingredients: Rice crispies, dairy-free spread, golden syrup.


1. Melt the dairy-free spread.

2. Mix in the golden syrup.

3. Mix in the rice crispies.

4. Spoon into cases.

5. Put in the fridge.

*Reading Newsletter*

At Edmund Waller, we are passionate about the children developing a lifelong love of reading. Book Talk has quickly become a popular feature on our weekly newsletter, with children clamouring to share the brilliant books they have discovered with the Edmund Waller community. In fact, there is so much to share and celebrate that we have decided to publish a special reading newsletter.

Click here to read our special reading newsletter and here to view the summer book list.


Releasing the worms!

Ten days ago, Harris brought his wormery into the classroom, and Reception C took the worms on as their temporary pets. We kept them in a safe, dark place and were careful not to knock them or make any loud noises. We took turns observing them moving around in the wormery.  

The wormery

After ten days, today was the day to release the worms into the wild. We took the wormery outside and gently emptied the contents. We were so pleased to see the worms wriggling happily and digging deep into the soil. 


     We’ll miss having them around the classroom, but we know they are enjoying life outside, and we love observing them in their natural environment. Good luck in the wild our wormy friends!

Battle of Trafalgar – Our Day on the Stage

In Cadogan Hall, we watched and sang along to a brilliant recount of the Battle of Trafalgar.  We traveled there by train and tube.  On arriving, we ate our lunch, unfortunately I did not manage to eat all of it.  It was deafening eating lunch, as there were hundreds of children chatting and singing, as not all the schools were eating.  The Year 4s traveled together with Miss Izibili.  Once we had all sat down, the marvelous conductor of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra demonstrated what each instrument sounded like.  Some sounds can make you feel nauseous or queasy, other sounds can make you feel excited or scared.  I made up a story related to how each instrument sounded.
Edmund Waller Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
We had to remain ready throughout the rehearsals


Rehearsing with the orchestra, ballet and presenter.
Rehearsing with the orchestra, ballet and presenter
After that, we saw the performance and it was phenomenal!  I could have wished for nothing better from them.  It sounded beautiful when all the children and adults sang together.  At the beginning, it was sad.  When they celebrated Nelson’s birthday it was enjoyable.  The audience laughed when the dancers brought Lord Nelson a birthday cake through and danced around him.  We were told to dress as the crew of a ship and I dressed up in a striped navy blue and white top with denim jeans.  I go skiing every year, so I have a collection of medals and badges, which I pinned to my top.  I really enjoyed the educational visit to Cadogan Hall.
 РOlivia, 4B (abridged)
Us in our dressing room
Us in our dressing room