School Council Assembly

Tuesday 2nd June

Today the School Councillors lead an assembly they had prepared, showcasing their memorable experiences and work on behalf of the school community this year.


They reminded everyone of the fundraising initiatives that everyone participated in, raising money for sleeping bags from the 999 Club.  Peter Wood, the Chief Executive of the 999 Club, returned to school to share the impact of our efforts.

P1010110He brought a sleeping bag with him to illustrate the importance of providing something clean and warm for people at their Night Shelter to sleep in.  He described how much he had enjoyed working with the councillors earlier in the year and would like to continue working in partnership with us.


The councillors shared the signed David Walliams’ books, CDs and audiobooks, which will be sold at the Summer Fair on the 27th June to raise money for the 999 Club.


The children also explained how the School Council had been instrumental in ensuring the standard of lunches has improved significantly and took the opportunity to thank Chris, our new school cook.


He talked about how the school cooks have been working hard to cook meals made from fresh, healthy ingredients that children love to eat.  He explained that he really welcomes feedback from the children on a day to day basis, whether it’s a simple thank you or a suggestion about how the food might be even better.


Gia and Bea concluded the assembly by talking about the skills they have developed by leading the School Council this year.


WE Day

Thursday 5th March 2015

Year 4 & 5 School Councillors with Mr Barrett and Mr Ephson

Today is We Day, a huge celebration of the young volunteers (that’s us) who have taken part in a year of local and global action to help other people. 

We met at school at 6:45 am, before making our way to Wembley Stadium by coach.

As we emerged from the coach at 8am, we were greeted by hordes of excited young people from all over the country, all queuing eagerly to see and hear the activists, actors and performers who would take the stage throughout the day. There was a tangible buzz in the air and we couldn’t wait for it to start. Then we did wait. Until 9:45 am, when it was time for the countdown.  “10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 11,” shouted by 12,000-strong sea of students. Then grand opening…. Boris Johnson!  He kicked off the day with some energetic words of congratulations and encouragement.

pic 1

The day was split into 4 ‘periods’, all teaching us about different aspects of EMPOWERMENT: economic, technological, social and educational. All the way through, we were inspired by the stories of people who had struggled to achieve success in life, people who have built charities to effect social change and young visionaries who had dared to chase a dream to its fulfillment.  Every one of them was cheered on by the incredibly noisy crowd.


Aside from all we learned, we were treated to amazing performances by Sean Mendez,  Bars and Melody, Connor Maynard, Mr Probz to name a few.

Last of all, and most importantly, we all made a pledge today. It was a pledge to put our energy into WE, not ME.


WE can affect poverty, inequality, injustice and make the world a better place.

Who is going to be the change?



Creating an Exciting New Menu at Edmund Waller

Thursday 26th February

Full School Council Meeting

During the last school council meeting, councillors shared the feed back from their classes, about what they like about school dinners and what could be improved

 likes and even better if
CakesSalad bar – esp the cucumber and tomatoesThere are two choices – main and vegetarian

It is healthy

There is variety


Sometimes the servers don’t listen to our choicesThe burger meat is dry – could we have ketchup, please?In KS1 there is food on the floor between sittings.  We think the children should pick up any dropped food, like they do in KS2

There is not always a vegetarian option at the end of service

It can be noisy

We would like a better variety of veg (sweetcorn and peas feature a lot)

The custard is too hot and watery


Today, Angela the Operations Manager at Chartwells visited the School Council to talk about school meals at Edmund Waller.

The councillors started by telling her their ideal school meals.  She noticed that very few of the children mentioned vegetables and explained that companies who provide school meals have to follow the government Food Standards.

They also need to bear in mind some other factors, such as the equipment available in the kitchen and what children like to eat.  The councillors used this information to redesign their ideal school meals.

We will be talking with the Chartwell development chef and Angela will return in the Summer term to give the school councillors a tour of the school kitchen.

Recognition from the House of Commons

February 2015

The School Council entered the Speaker’s School Council Awards, which is organised by the Rt. Hon John Bercow, Speaker of the House of Commons. They described the important work they have been doing in partnership with the 999 Club to raise awareness of homelessness.  The judges were incredibly impressed by the commitment and passion with which all the school councillor entrants dedicated themselves to their amazing projects. To celebrate the achievements of our school councillors, we have been awarded a digital badge, which we will display on our school website.  The School Council will also be receiving a certificate of recognition in the post, which will be framed and displayed in school.We made a difference badge 2015

Raising Funds for the Homeless – January Update

In the autumn term, the Yr 6 members of the School Council met with Mayor of Lewisham: Sir Steve Bullock and the members of the Young Mayor’s Team to find out about the work they do.  The children were particularly inspired by the way the Young Mayor of Lewisham works with a team to improve aspects of the local community.  This year the School Council voted to raise awareness about homelessness in the school and local community and to raise some money to help homeless people.  The initial fundraising was to buy sleeping bags for the 999 Club’s Winter Shelter.

In Yr 2 – 6 classes School Councillors lead meetings where children discussed: why some people do not have a home; what they thought people should know about homeless people; how they could raise money to help homeless people.  They also talked about their existing impression of the homeless: their age, appearance, thoughts, feelings, personalities etc.

Councillors shared these impressions with Peter Wood, the director of the 999 Club, a local charity that Helps People to Help Themselves, when he visited them in November.  He helped the School Council to plan an assembly to launch the fundraising campaign, where they shared their new understanding of the socio-economic and emotional reasons for people becoming homeless, as well as the physical consequences of homelessness.  They thought that it was important that their classmates understood why people become homeless and how every child can contribute in a small way to make a big difference.  They also emphasised the importance of children donating from their own pocket money or money they have earned from jobs etc. rather than just asking parents for the money.

How to Treat Homeless People

The first fundraising initiative was to buy sleeping bags, so each guest has a warm, clean bed for the night.  The School Councillors organised the following fundraising activities:

Autumn: A Pyjama Day on the last day of term, where children donated some of their pocket money to come to school in their PJs.


Autumn: Guess the Number of Sweets in a Jar for a 50p donation.

Counting the Sweets in a Jar before revealing the winner

Spring: Pre-Loved Bring and Buy Sale.

Hi Edmund Waller!  This is Abdul & Nia and we represent 4W and 4A on the School Council.  On Friday 16th January 2015, our School Council will be holding the Bring & Buy sale in Cooke Hall at 3.30pm. You could bring anything of interest to you that YOU think somebody will like to buy.  We thought of things like toys, books, DVDs etc.  We would not like anything that is broken or damaged.  We are raising money for sleeping bags for homeless people, because it is very cold and wet. So please have a good search around your home.  We would also love donations of cakes and sweets but if you bring in food bring it on Thursday 15th January please.  Please could you bring any donations to the school office.

Spring: The Council will decide how to maximise on the donations from HarperCollins Children’s Books.

Summer: They will also consider how to raise awareness of homelessness in the local community during the Spring and Summer months (when the voice of homeless charities are traditionally quieter) in partnership with the 999 Club.

At the end of the Autumn term, the Winner of the Guess the Sweets in a Jar competition was announced and we celebrated Pyjama Day with a Whole School Assembly.  Children watched a video to remind them of the valuable work the 999 Club does to help the homeless.

The current fundraising total is: £403.50 – children were proud that this money came from their own pocket money etc. rather than asking their parents to put their hands in their pockets.

The children wrote thank you letters acknowledging the generosity of Peter Woods from the 999 Club, who has given his time an expertise and  HarperCollins, who publish David Walliam’s ‘Mr Stink’ and have donated a large number of books, audiobooks and DVDs to help fundraising.

Councillors have also created a learning display in the school entrance, where they share the aims of their project, chart our fundraising progress on a Blue Peter style ‘thermometer’ they designed themselves and record the nightly temperature in Lewisham – which helps put our fundraising for sleeping bags into context.

School Council Learning Wall