Our Visit To The Mayor

by Tiernan

On Friday last week, five School Councillors: Tiernan, Flavie, Isolde, Olivia and Adeolu were invited to see the Mayor of Lewisham. We travelled to the Civic Suite, which is also the place where the Mayor works. When the five of us arrived there, we sat down and heard a bunch of other schools who were sitting down on the Lewisham throne thing that looked incredible next to it were the Deptford mace and the Lewisham mace but the biggest and most expensive one was the modern joined London borough of Lewisham mace although they all looked really cool.

In the next few minutes we were invited into a big conference room that had microphones and everything in it was really cool. The five of us were called up to the stand and had to say what we would do if we were the Young Mayor. The most talked about issue was that children would try to make all the taxes lower, double salaries and the halved the prices of homes.


I spoke about what could be improved in Lewisham, which included: better roads, social housing and repairs and the need to give parents real choice over their secondary school preference.

After that, the Mayoress brought us into a room which had snacks, tea and drinks! The biscuits were delicious and I was quite happy so we asked the Mayoress some questions about the Mayor and she answered them all without hesitation. So we were given a warm goodbye with a hug and a picture plus a certificate, and that is all that happened. It was a very interesting and exciting visit and I just have to thank Miss Izibili for taking us!