Our Awesome School Disco

   Last term at our school disco I had tons of fun with my friends. We listened and danced to music, there was also someone who had really cool dance moves and I learnt new ones too. I had popcorn and a hot dog, I came with my brother and I was looking for him the whole time I realised he was playing in the football cage. I mean do playing football and dancing really go together?

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Hampton court palace was GREAT!

We went to Hampton Court Palace! It was really cool. When we got there after a coach journey ( which was fun because of travel games!) and had to sit for a bit because we were early. it was decided that 4s should do the session first while we ( 4b ) ate lunch. after lunch we had some time to explore and we were told the kitchens were really interesting. after we went for a session where we were history and we got to look atreally cool stuff. overall , AWESOME VISIT!

Cleaning water

Last half term we did an activity, where we had to clean some water which was supposed to be river water, in groups of about 6. We used a funnel, filter paper, a sieve, a pipette, a scoop and a few tubes to store the water in. We also had to name our water companies, mine was called Crystal clear and we had a competition, who’s was the cleanest and we came second! The winning group was called Gates water. I felt happy for them and I thought they deserved it. Second is good enough for me!

Water Topic

I really enjoyed the water topic last term.We went on 2 really enjoyable school trips.The first one was to Horton Kirby and the second one was to The Horniman museum. The sea creatures there were amazing! The thing I found most enjoyable was sketching of the sea creatures, it was great! The animals were incredible,some of them didn’t even move, but others couldn’t stop moving! The fishes were very colourful and different to each others patterns. We used different type pencils for different things.