The first time they met blerb

In New York,a boy called Greg and another called Bart meat together to save the earth.Something learks on the streets of New York,something learks in the middle of space,something doesn’t make sense.From the un known,the story’s that have been told comes something that nobody is prepared for,exept for two-Bart and Greg.What could happen?The thing is ready to strike.No body knows exept for them.They need to do something.

mexico masks

Mexico masks are used for traditional events

also they are used to protect themselves from evil people

the use of the masks were an important part of to the people in mexico

soon as the Spanish attacked the masks were made of bone thousands of years ago

there also funeral masks for the people who died



A small girl Candyfloss finds herself stranded in a deep forest after abandoned by her class Curiosity catches her eye while an adventure unfolds in front of her but soon Jodie was found as they discover new things  including learning how to live in the wildlife! while realising the consequences people face of not having a home and begins a jorney of determation to make the world a better place!


keila: this book is inspiring as it also it sends a powerfull message to the human race Always be gratefull for what you have!

Ricardo: I really enjoyed this book as it educational and  it shows the true values of nature and living in the wild.