The Iron Man The Space Bat Angel Dragon

The worlds army have declared war on a Space Dragon currently on top(yes you heard me) on top of Australia, hungry, and refusing to move it gives us seven days to prepare its first meal or else it will lick life off planet Earth! But the Iron Man has a plan…

A few men help to rip apart the Iron Man because he is way to big to ship to Australia. He also orders 1,000 gallons of petrol, fuel, and much more to go to Australia for his plan. When he is put back together (in Australia) he says to the Dragon, “Sit up” he  said “And face me like a Man”(or space Bat Angel Dragon thing) The Dragon laughs.  ” If I win you are my slave, “set me a fire on the floor.” Said the Iron Man so they did, there was a fire and the Iron Man lay on it. He burned for a good twelve minutes and all that time the Dragon watched the Iron Man burn in pain. After twelve minutes the flames died down. “Your turn.” He said to the Dragon and  he replied, “You will never find a fire as big for me, for I am as large as Australia its self, my eyes as big as Switzerland, And my stomach as big as Germany. So I guess because I am so big I’ve won and you are my slave! Now fetch me some water!” The Iron Man frowned as he shook his head, he pointed to the sun. So the Dragon flew up to the sun and lay down on it. It caused him great pain but he did not know what the Iron Man would do to him if he becomes his slave!? So he went on burning, wishing he never landed on Earth! After eleven minutes and fifty nine point nine seconds he came down. “Hm Man said “you did come down zero point zero one seconds early but its okay, now its me again” said the Iron Man

He went down to the fire once again and burned for one thousand seconds =one hundred and sixty six point six hundred and sixty seven minutes = two point seven hundred and seventy eight hours =(well you get the idea) than the Iron Mans great iron ear started to melt. Than the fire died down. Then he pointed to the sun and then the Dragon said “Stop! Enough is enough! I cant take it anymore! No more burning.” “Oh but we must keep going till you for fit. I could go for another burn, could you?” The Iron Man asked “No, I couldn’t! I quit” then the Iron Man said well then, I’ve won.” “Yes you have I am now your slave!” He said. Than the Iron said “You are the Earths slave and you must fly around the world singing and bringing peace everywhere! And just out of interest, why did you want to eat us?” “I was joking! You all looked like you were having an awesome time down here so I got excited and wanted to join in, bot, I think I got a little too excited!”

And so it was the Dragon flew around the world every night bringing peace to the universe!






A day in the life of Lil and Boo

A day in the life of Lil and Boo


I’m guessing most of you have read my A day in the life of Colin blog and thanks for all those comments (they really helped me do this blog). So, I’ve done the same thing with my rabbits. I hope you enjoy J (I’ve done a key to help you) Lily=red and Boo=blue


Lily: Boo. Boo wake up I want you to wash me.

Boo: No.

Lily: Booooooo. Don’t be mean!!!Boo. Are you even listening?

Boo: No

Lily: Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!

Lily thinks she is not small and cuddly, but instead an evil mastermind who makes her sister wash the inside of their ears and their bum (she does bite).

Boo: Lily, get off me!!!

Lily: No. Not until you Wash me!!!

Boo: You know your not scary right?


Boo: But you have a fluffy little tail, and you’re really small and…

Lily flies at Boo and bites her bum (sometimes she does do this, not aggressively though, just a warning)

Boo: Owwwww, I’m going to tell Looby.

Someone comes outside and opens the lid of the hutch.”Girls, breakfast” they both rush up.

Boo: Looby,Looby Lily was mean to me.

Lily: Looby, Looby Boo won’t wash me.

To humans this is just silence. (Rabbits don’t make noise. Sometimes the occasional squeak)

“Looby” picks up Boo.

Boo: Ahhhhhhh!!!I have been picked up by the Looby, picked up by the Looby, if I put my paws over my eyes I will survive.

She takes boo inside, and then goes back for Lily.

 Lily:  GRRR, get your naked paws of me, I wasn’t finished ripping up the newspaper.


Boo: Lily…I have found the rabbit biscuit box.

Boo can open it using her teeth.

 Boo: Almost got it…ahhhhhhh. The beautiful smell of biscuits.

Lily: Ooo oooo Boo can I have one.

Boo: Urrrr ok.

10 minutes later

When the rabbit are in the run…

Lily: Ahhhhh!!! Boo stop washing the inside of my ears, I want to get to sleep.

Boo: I’m not going to stop you are dirty.

Lily: I’m not going to sit next to you!!!

Lily goes to the other side of the run.

 Boo:  Well…I’m not going to sit next to you either.

They both turn their backs on each other.

Boo: I’m not going to talk to yo!!!

Lily: You are now though!!!

Boo: Well your’re talking to me as well.

They both turn away again.

Lily: Hey Boo…What do yo say to a wash?

Boo: Yeh ok then.


6 hours later


Boo: “Yyyyyaaaaaawwwwnnnn” Ahhhh Lily,that was a nice sleep. Lily.Lily wake up.

Lily: Owww!!! You didn’t have to sit on my face!

Boo: Ok ok,I’m sorry!

Boo: Hey Lily why is Looby pointing at us?

Lily: I dunno!!!

3 hours later

Boo: Lily…Its getting dark!!! I don’t like it!!!

Lily: Ugggghhh not again last time you panicked you did a super stinky poo last time…ON MY HEAD SO STOP PANICKING!!!

Boo: Oh few. Lily Looby is coming

The Rabbits are put in the hutch

Lily: Boo, I want my heat pad. I’m cold.

A heat pad is a “pad” which you heat up and it keeps them warm a night

Boo: Don’t worry Lil, here it come now.

Looby brings the heat pad out.

Lily: Oh Its soooooooo warm.Boo Boo. Oh… she’s asleep.


Apart from a few more arguments or “baths” the rabbits are very nice to have, but they are hard work and they need a lot of attention.

I hope you enjoyed




How to SURVIVE Primary School by Ashamiya


Ok let’s just get to the point. Like in my other blogs I was saying how special friends are. However there are different types of friends.

True friends and ‘’friends’’
True friends are the people who love you for who you are and are always there for you. They are willing will help with any phase or problem you go through. But it’s not just about them being nice. You have to treat them like a true friend as well. For example you and your B.F.F have been besties for ever but it hasn’t been right. You are still the best of friends but you take charge, you always pick the games you play, you always make the decisions for both of you.  It doesn’t mean that you are being rude but you might not notice that your friend might be dreading to play with you again because they might not be having as much fun. So maybe one day they might get fed up and will tell you how they feel and you both might get into a big argument. Luckily I‘m here! ♥

First of all I will tell you about real friends and how to pick carefully for them and how to notice if you’ve got them. Let’s say you are new or you don’t have friends and you don’t want to make a mistake choosing someone you want to be friends with. But remember, you can’t force someone to be your friend or let

fake or not?
fake or not?

someone force you. Ok you want to be friends with this really popular person because she/he is really popular, but is really mean if they think you’re annoying or don’t like you. This will take up some spying/testing but not the kind where you follow their shadow, it just means that you will be watching closely to how they react when you bump into them or drop their books. But you can’t go barging into them like a big bully, act normal and help pick them back up and say sorry and pay close attention to how they act. If they are ok with you then you know that they aren’t like the other people who say “OMG you are SOOOOOOOOO annoying! Wait until I tell Ashleigh! HMPH!’’😠😠 😠 They are definatly not the friends you want. For the nice people read my other blogs to see how to socialise with them. Now let’s get on with real friends and ‘’friends’’. When I mean ‘’friends’’ they are the people who might use you for popularity (if you are.) Or they are pretending to be you friend, because they have been in an argument with her friend and is using you to get their friend jealous. But how can you tell if they are really your friend or not?  A real friend is a person you can trust, who help you with your troubles, cheers you up and will stick up for you – e.g. bullying -. 😢😠. The fake friends may be better at acting that Angelina Jolie but they are armatures. The ‘’friend’’ may pull some secret groans when they have to play with you. However I did mention the word secret so you have to pay close attention, you have to be more sneaky that them. With the corner of your eye act natural but see what they are doing. Are they continually sighing, are they pulling faces? But if they are they are a fake friend you have to be gentle with them. If you don’t want to be their friend you can tell them about what you have seen, if they have been doing stuff like talking behind your back. When or if they have denied all of the things you just say ok and let it go. This is because you don’t want an enemy on your back; if you have other friends then you can play with them more, but if the person insists that you play with them just say I will play with you later.

Hope I helped 🙂 😀

Scratch Maze Games

In Year 5 we have been making our own computer games, using Scratch, as part of our Inventors topic.  First, we played Pac-Man for ideas and decomposed the game, which means breaking it down into small sections, to understand the different techniques used in the game.  Next, we made a background stage and a sprite for our own version.  After, we created the code for our sprite to make it move and so it can’t go through the walls of our maze.  To make sure that it worked we had to test the game and debug it by making changes if it didn’t work the way we wanted it to.  Finally, we made new sprites for the character to eat and get points.

This week we are evaluating our games as a year group, for our memorable event, and you can see them all by visiting this link.