How To SURVIVE Primary School by Ashamiya

Hey guys today we are going to be talking about being shut out from the crowd, or just being really

No-one should be like this :(
No-one should be like this 🙁


Feeling left out or lonely
Let’s just get down to the basics. You either have
1) One special friend
2) No friends at all 🙁

As you can see 1) is the best but I will start on the most important one first – having no friends at all. Friends are always there for you and help you when you get down, or they’re supposed to. So you have no friends at all and you are lonely and down. If you are happy being in the shadow and maybe a bit shy it might be because you doesn’t know what it feels like to have someone there for you at school.
Finding friends depends on who you want to be friends with. If you want to be friend with this really popular person, they might not want to be your friend because they don’t have to if they don’t want to. Or possibly be nasty and may upset you, so you have to be careful who you choose. For example you are a person who likes designing clothes or anything. There is most likely not a club for that but you can bring in you sketches into school. But can’t brag about it or else people will think you have a big head, so try to act a bit humble but you could ask some people if they would like to join in. This is much easier if you are new but if not then you have to be more tactful. Like if someone who has been nasty to you ask to look or to join in with you can’t say no and be all rude back because then you would be just as bad as they were. So you have to act like nothing ever happened between you. You can also connect with people who have never talked to you before. However if this doesn’t work then you could try to join in football or any other games at the school.


In the past you might have been bullied. If that is the case you can’t keep on hiding, if you keep disappearing whenever you see them, then the bully will know they have won and if they can bully you then they can bully anyone. You have to come out of your shell and face them. Show them that you don’t scare them anymore even if they do remember the saying fake it till you make it. But if they carry on bugging you then you should tell someone. It could just be your mum and dad, because it will make everything much better trust me.

Now if you have 1) and you like having a special friend but you might feel a bit lonely if they are ill and don’t come to school. I think it is best if you take the advice I gave you for 2) having no friends at all. Join in the games you wouldn’t normally play.

Hope I helped 

The X Factor…

We have been working on our multiplication skills in Year 3. As part of this we have been discussing ‘factors’. These are numbers which multiply together to make a ‘product’.


I was very impressed when these three children figured out which number, when multiplied by 200, would make 100!

Can you work out which of these is the missing factor? Explain how you figured out your answer…

___ X 200 = 100