Reading Newsletter

It was brilliant to see so many of you at parents’ evenings this week.  You will have received a copy of our third Reading Newsletter, which features a number of important messages about reading and a book list for each year group on the back.  You will find a copy of the Reading Newsletter and all eight book lists on the school website here.

Home Learning 18.3.16

  1. Investigate the long ‘a’ sound (the ‘ae’ phoneme). How many different words can you find that contain this sound? How many different ways is this sound spelt (one is ‘ae’!)? You can respond to the blog post or present your findings in a table or poster to be displayed in the classroom; it’s your choice!
  2. Along with your usual times table practice, learn the square and cube numbers

1 squared / 12= 1 x 1 = 1

2 squared / 22 = 2 x 2 = 4


1 cubed / 13 = 1 x 1 x 1 = 1

2 cubed / 23 = 2 x 2 x 2 = 8

The Great Fire of London 2016 style

The great fire started after a concert in Trafalgar Square, when a couple of teenagers were smoking after the concert. One of the teenagers called Madeline put it in the bin when she was told to put it in the ash tray so it doesn’t set fire to the bin. But what did she do? She deliberately put it in the bin to set it to fire!

Because it was a bin, it obviously caught on fire so another teenager called Zoe decided to blow on it to put it out, but, everyone knows if you blow on a fire the flames will get bigger so it got bigger. People with little kids or small children, who were very scared and alarmed, decided to call the fire brigade. The fire brigade said they’d be  there within minutes but because the fire engine was broken they had to use one of the fireman’s cars. It only took them 30 minutes but they were there! They were not very good at helping because the best fireman had to leave because he had asthma attack and the hose from the fire engine was broken so everyone decided to go home and leave it.

But it spread to the London Eye killing almost everyone in it but a family escaped!

“It was quite scary, how I watched all those people die because someone thought it was funny to start a fire and i am just really glad to be alive! We had to jump out of the ball and whats worse is I cant swim and i am afraid of heights!”