Quiz, Chips & Dips!

The PTA will be hosting a Quiz Night to fundraise for the End of Year Show & Year  6 Opera on Saturday 7th May.

St. Mary Magdelene Church,

St. Mary’s Road,


SE15 2EA

Doors 8pm

Quiz starts at 8.15pm

Maximum team size of 8 people Prizes and ‘Auction of Promises’

Purchase tickets from the PTA in the school playground at 3.30pm

Licensed for over 18s only.

Join us for fun, music and dancing

You can read further details about the important work the PTA do on the Community Links page on the school website.


My Family (yawn)

My Family




Hi me again, today I’m going to tell you about my family.(Even though they are so boring you are probably going to fall asleep in the next ten minutes.)


My Mum

♠ Name: Eva Parker

♠ Job: Architect

♠ Fave colour: Brick red + cream

♠ Least fave colour: Pink


♠ Drawing

♠ Running

♠ Refusing to let me bring my boyfriend home

♠ Age: Prehistoric AKA 35


She works at home in her study. Sometimes she spends the night there. She hates going clothes shopping.(Why? What’s wrong with it?!)


MY Dad


♣ Name: Edward Parker

♣ Job: Bank Manager

♣ Fave colour: Who Knows? (Who cares?)

♣ least fave colour: ??


♣ Doing boring stuff

♣ ?

♣ ?

♣ Age: 42


He spends most of his time at work or travelling and I don’t see him very much.As  you can tell I don’t Know to much about him, don’t really care.But he’s very strict and tidy so he dose not approve of me.(Like I care.)



Sister 1

♥ Name: Kat Parker

♥ Job: Irritating me

♥ Fave colour: This blue

♥ Least fave colour: Purple


♥ Soccer

♥ Hockey

♥ Collecting Sylvanians 

♥ Age: 10


Kat loves sport she is very competitive and thin.It looks like she’s never touched a soda in her life.(she has.)She wants to play for England One day.


Sister 2

♦ Name: Cherry Parker or Etch her nickname from when she was two and bit           everything leaving small tooth-marks.

♦ Job: Wrecking my records

♦ Fave colour: Pink

♦ least fave colour: Brown


♦ taking my old dolls

♦ playing patty cake

messing up Kats sylvanians

♦ Age:3


She can only move slowly but can still wind me and Kat up, only Mum is immune.

When I find her in my room I dump her in Kat’s room with a poly-pocket but when Kat gets back she’s in here again.

Anyway thanks for reading. BYYYYEEEE!!!

P.S don’t let my family see this.







How to Make Pasta

How to Make Pasta


The other night I made pasta. Now I’m going to teach you.

Step One: making the pasta



  • 6 eggs
  • 600g of strong flour
  • A pasta machine
  • Some clingfilm
  • A fork


Making the pasta



1)Place the flour on a board or in a bowl (make sure it’s got a peak and it’s not flat).


2)Make a well in the middle of the flour. Then crack the eggs into it using a fork to beat them until smooth.

whisking eggs

3)Mix together with the flour as much as you can so it’s not sticky


4)Then put a little flour on your hands and knead


5)What you want is a nice piece of silky/rather soft elastic dough. Cover it with Clingfilm and leave it for about half an hour (30 mins)

cling film


Step 2: turning the pasta dough into pasta!

  1. Divide your dough in half and cover half with cling film and leave it on the side or in the fridge
  2. Push the other piece of dough out with your hand
  3. Run it through your pasta machine on the thickest setting for 2 or 3 times folding it in half every time until you have a nice silky and elastic piece of dough

pasta machine

4)Make the pasta machines setting smaller every time reducing the thickness until it’s about the thickness of a coaster.

5)If the pasta gets to thick then you can cut in half

6)Once you have got your pasta sheet you can start to shape it

7) Feed it through the choice of pasta setting on the pasta machine or you can use pasta cutters

8)Then lay it out on a board to dry

tagliatelle on a board



You are finished now!!! This is fresh pasta so it only needs a few minutes.

Make a sauce to go with it and then tuck in .

my home made pasta

my home made pasta and homemade sauce




Next time I will teach you how to make my sauce to with it.

Thank you for reading this I hope you enjoyed