Roman Crofton Villa

At the Roman crofton villa we done a lot of different activity’s including mosaics and we also dressed up as different Roman people. The mosaic below is the one I done.

I dressed up as the emperor and the rule with the emperor is that if you wePicture3re purple like the emperor done you would get beheaded. the house rules were that if you were a man you would be in the woods all day while the woman would be at home doing chores.a woman’s job is usually weaving cloth to make clothes for the family.


I didn’t dislike this because the flies kept trying to go on my food.

3 years ago the council wanted to make a car park but they forced them to make a place out of it.

our educational visit to the Croften Villa

On Wednesday the  18th  May  5F [my class/Mr Foster Roman villa. here are some pictures.IMG_0094the teacher standing in the centere of this picture is Edna she was explaining  how they got all of the Roman equipment and what they were made out of.

In order to attend our journey we had to go on a train to Orpington.  There was a car park we had to walk through to get the Croften Villa. Straight away when we arrived we ate our food and got split up into groups to do different activities. One of the activities was to draw Roman equipment. My favourite thing to do there was  making mosaics because it was fun and mine turned out looking really nice.

here is an ¬†example of someone’s mosiac:IMG_0122we each had a sheet telling us what to put on a were so we didn’t know how it would look until we had completed our task.


Roman Crofton villa

Last week Wednesday  5f went for a visit in Orpington  at  Crofton villa .  Seven people from our class had to go with 5M the others  and I was one of them went on Wednesday . we took two trains to Orpington .  Because it was raining we had to sit inside to have our lunch.


tessera =

1 we had a box and we had different colours of tessera, and there was numbers on the box , and we had to put the tessera on  numbers to make a patten.

2  dressed up = Four people got to dress up .  Naima was the poor  lady , and Edie was rich   .India  was the farm man and Heszyha was rich.

 3 rubbing the romans = Under the white paper we had a roman stamp,IMG_0135 and we used  gold and grey crayons to draw over them .

4 roman building =  Enda `talked about hypocaust ,and how they lived in the romans time .

Croften Roman Villa- (Year 5’s Educational Visit)

Last week year 5 went to a Educational Visit to the Croften¬†Roman Villa, located in Orpington. It took 2 trains to get there and back. Once we got there we did several activities and learned a lot about the Roman Villa itself!¬†¬†First, we learned about the Villa and how it was discovered not so long ago! The government was going to turn it into a car park, but once they discovered some Roman walls along the area the government was going to build on. They then persuaded the Government to give then week to unravel the Roman Villa that left undiscovered.¬†Secondly we did brass rubbing’s of Roman’s, and the definition next to it. I got a Gladiator, a Roman that entertained town folk by slaying dangerous animals in an Arena. Thirdly,¬† we went to a table with a piece of paper and a box, next to each chair. On the paper was a code, on which number represented a colour. Inside the box were some coloured small tiles and a sheet with numbers on it. One of the staff said we had to match the coloured tiles to their numbers that the piece of paper had on it. At the end, it turns out it made a pattern. Lastly, we learned about what Roman’s wore and what they used in their kitchens. Then we went back to school.