Dennis Sims – A 12 year old. He lives with his brother, John, and his dad, an overweight truck driver. Dennis has a best friend called Darvesh. Dennis prefers wearing girl’s clothes instead of boy’s clothes; and with the help of Lisa, he invents an alter-ego, “Denise”, who is a French exchange student. And has a little crush on Lisa James.
Dennis upsets his French teacher by criticizing her French accent. At break, Dennis kicks a football, slips, and is revealed to be a boy. Mr Hawtrey, the headmaster, expels him from the school for cross-dressing. Dad is furious, and sends Dennis to his room. Darvesh, Dennis’s best friend, comes over, but is sent back to his home by Dad. Pushed by Darvesh, Dennis goes to an important football match on Saturday, where his entire team encourages him to play in a dress. The team wins against Maudlin Street, the rivaling football team. Dennis’s dad attends the match, forgiving Dennis. On an early Sunday morning, Raj informs Dennis that Mr Hawtrey’s sister, Doris, buys the Telegraph now instead of him. He also includes that there was “something funny about her”. Lisa and Dennis go to Raj’s shop and find out that Doris is actually Mr Hawtrey cross-dressing in a skirt. The two threaten that unless Dennis is reinstated to the school, they will tell everyone of Mr Hawtrey’s cross-dressing habits


  • This year our topic is victor Frankenstein is about a man who builds a 8 foot tall monster who victor hid from the world so he doesn’t scare any body but then he monster killed victor loved ones except his father and earnest.The monster hates victor because he kept him away from the world that. is why the monster killed all victor loved ones. I think the m0nster would kill victor father and brother which is earnest

Dear Me Part 3

To, Ashamiya

This may come as a shock but something dreadful has happened! A internet sensation scientist found out about my letters going further into the future and scientist-hard-at-worksent her sinister robots to search the shed where the letters are coming from. I just about managed to get the machine out of the shed before they could get to it. I knew they were going to come because in the right at the back newspaper my dad was reading and it said “The very famous Davinia Rolo is betting five thousand pounds on getting a time machine that send letters from a her mystery place.” At first I thought she had made a bigger better letter time machine herself because she is a really smart scientist, but when I read “from her mystery stop” I knew I had to get it out.

The only thing I don’t understand is why you didn’t tell me. Yeah I need to figureangry betty  out my own past but you could have put me at risk! Just because it happened to you doesn’t mean you can’t at least hint it what will happen to me. I know you are still alive fifteen years later writing letters to your younger self but what happened to me was traumatic. Divinia Rolo may be a normal woman but she has tecnolagy on her side e.g : robots, the brains to send a virus to every single piece of

From your younger and indigant very self





Hi, my name is Lily. I’m not entirely sure about how to start this diary (it is my first one). Maybe I should tell you a bit about me:

1. I have synaesthesia, if you aren’t sure what that is, look it up, it will give you something to do, especially since you are lonely right now (what??? Don’t blame me, your the one reading someone else’s diary!)

2. I was bullied in year 3 and 4. I’m now in year 6…. So PLEASE NO HATE!

3. I want to be a vegetarian farmer when I am older, and I am a vegetarian myself! You probably guessed!!

4. I love to try out new things so TELL ME IF YOU HAVE A BLOG (ASAP)

5. I will be recommending new things to try out FOR YOU, NOT ME, YOU!!!

6. I HATE wars, so don’t be mean or I will KILL YOU!!! (don’t judge my lame humour)

Okay, now the rubbish intro is done…BYE SUCKER’S