The Bird Man an alternative Ending

It was the GREAT BIRD COMPETITION they were so excited.The Bird man and bird girl took one step of the old diving board auntie Door screamed “AHHHHH” bird girl sprang her wings out bird man soared through the sky they nearly got to the finish line but ….. bird girls feathers were falling bird man swooped down and grabbed her. He struggled to the finish line but his foot leaped on the island. They did it there dreams came true. Auntie door drove them home I here yellow bug . Then she backed one of her rock hard dumpling’s and stared singing her dumpling song.” Well I got no food but I’ve got dumping so I’m gonna make a dumpling to dump the ling oh yea you can’t stop the dumpling”. And they lived happily ever after.


Leroy Sane is a very good player that started of really badly then he became really good.  He is from Germany and plays for Man City.  He is really young at the age of 19.  He is really fast.  The football players that he plays with in Man City are Nolito, Silva, Aguero and many others.  Man City I a really good team that so far they are wining. You can’t fail to notice that I support this team.

DE bruyne

de  bruyne is a very good player in my opinion he puts the ball at the back of the net ever time he does shoot and he scroes  he goes better every day he desvers to be in a good team like man city. he is an amazing player for Manchester city his first team was wolfs burg i have no idea why they sold him he really was a good player for both of them the manager probley wanted more money  for his players. he plays with nolito ,aguro , david sliva , sterlig and many other players in Manchester city