Southwark Cathedral Educational Visit

image image image imageThe children learned all about the work and life of monks during King Henry VIII’s reformation through role play.

image image image image

We also learned all about the illuminated manuscripts that the monks scribed and had a go at scribing our own names using a goose feather quill and ink. It wasn’t as easy as it looks!


We even managed to fit in a quick visit to the Tudor galleon, the Golden Hinde II.  Queen Elizabeth I’s subject, Sir Francis Drake used this ship to explore the new world and establish the Tudor empire.


Our Educational Visit to the Observatory in Greenwich

We were really lucky to go to the Planetarium as part of our topic ‘Up above and down below’ .

p1010150 p1010148 p1010149We were very excited on the 53 bus to Greenwich.p1010151 p1010152 p1010153 p1010154 p1010155 p1010156

When we got to the park we had a run round picking up leaves and acorn cups.p1010159               Here we are outside the Observatory where the Planetarium.p1010160 p1010166 p1010164 p1010163 p1010162 p1010161 p1010167                         The view of the O2  from the viewing platform. p1010168 p1010169 p1010172 p1010173 p1010175 p1010176 p1010177 p1010178         We had fun with Emma in the ‘Moon Walking’ workshop. We learnt about      planets and zoomed off in a rocket to the moon where we found moon rocks.

Waller Bakery – 2MH


No – this isn’t a display from Ayres! This amazing artisan bread was made by the children of 2MH (with a little help from some Mums & Dads – thank you!).

After we mixed our ingredients, we had to knead the bread then let it rest to activate the yeast, so the dough would rise and the bread would be light and fluffy.

p1030965p1030966p1030961  p1030967p1030957p1030955p1030960 p1030952p1030951p1030949p1030945p1030947

We then had to leave it to prove for 30 minutes, before we shared it out into equal pieces. Each child was then able to choose their own design, some chose to plait their, while others shaped their bread into twists and buns.


After that we had to leave it to prove again for another 30 minutes, you could see how much the bread increased in size. It reminded Isaac of a flat football and Biba of some play-dough! It was then ready for the oven. It smelled delicious as it cooked. Was there any left for you to taste? What did you think of it?

 p1030980 p1030985         p1030975       p1030976p1030984

Christmas Concert Song, ‘Good King Wenceslas’ Lyrics and Youtube Link

Harmony/ Descant

Verse 1 Descant Lyrics:

Brightly shone the moon that night,

Poor man gath’ring winter fuel.

Verse 2 Descant Lyrics:

Paige and monarch forth they went,

Through the rude wind’s wild lament.

Good King Wenceslas Verses 1, 3 & 5


Good King Wenceslas looked out

On the Feast of Stephen

When the snow lay ’round about

Deep and crisp and even

Brightly shone the moon that night

Though the frost was cruel

When a poor man came in sight

Gath’ring winter fuel.


“Bring me flesh and bring me wine

Bring me pine-logs hither

Thou and I shall see him dine

When we bear them thither.”


Page and monarch, forth they went

Forth they went together

Through the rude wind’s wild lament

And the bitter weather.



In his master’s step he trod

Where the snow lay dinted

Heat was in the very sod

Which the Saint had printed

Therefore, Christian men, be sure

Wealth or rank possessing

Ye, who now will bless the poor

Shall yourselves find blessing.

Past Time with Good Company Lyrics and Music

Past Time Melody

Past Time Harmony

Past time with good company

I love, and shall until I die

Grutch who lust, but none deny

So god be pleased thus live will I

For my pastance

Hunt, sing and dance

My heart is set;

All goodly sport

For my comfort

Who shall me let?


Youth must have some dalliance

Of good or ill some pastance

Company methinks then best

All throughts and funcies to digest

For idleness is chief mistress

Of vices all… than who can say

But mirth and play

Is best of all?

Our Visit to Greenwich Observatory

As part of our topic Up above and down below, we visited the Greenwich Observatory. We found out lots of facts about space, and then went on an imaginary rocket to the moon!

img_2604 img_2603 img_00511

On the bus to Greenwich Park.img_0023

We helped Ted to find the great big bear in the sky.  We found out lots of facts about the planets in our solar system.


img_0011Then, we had some time to play in Greenwich Park.

img_00491 img_00471 img_0045 img_0042 img_0041

We went in a rocket to the moon.  We went moon-walking and collected moon-rocks.

We had a fantastic day in Greenwich, and have been excited to share our knowledge of space back at school.  Thank you to all of our parent and carer helpers, who helped make the day a great success!

The Awesome Life of Lucy Brown

Hi my name is Lucy and this is my boring life. WELCOME TO MY BORING LIFE! I also have my arch nemesis sister, Amy, always tries to view my “secret” diary. By the way if there’s any writing in BLACK, then it’s my sister. School’s been terrible since that bully, Natasha, is still there. She always picks on the little children. Or if it’s RED then Natasha must have written in my diary. Red You are just silly so there is no point of trying to hide this diary because I have FOUND IT! Yeah Lucy! Anyway, let’s move away from this LOSER Natasha. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! That chatty Lucy.

Today was the most worst day EVER:

  • Natasha was bullying me by shouting at me in the face.
  • I got sent to the head teacher, Mr Brown, just because I didn’t answer 1 question from the practice test we were doing.
  • My sister ate all the Digestive chocolate biscuits (my favourite type of biscuit).
  • Don’t complain if you get sent to the head teacher for no reason.


These are the tips from me when you go to Los Angeles High School:

  • Don’t try and make friends that quickly.
  • Try to keep your head down.
  • Don’t try and argue with the teachers and head teacher.