Going to the River Thames!

On Friday 9th of December, 5F went to the River Thames.  At first we had to wait until the tide went out.   We went into this room and we had to do a quiz about the River Thames and about the water cycle.

Finally, we got to go onto the beach  (which is actually called the foreshore). We had to go slowly down the steps but once we got down them we found lots and lots of artifacts.



Year 4 ‘Banquet for Henry’


Our two comperes, Maia and Gabriel welcomed the lords and ladies to the Tudor banquet and introduced each act of the entertainment.

p1060697 p1060698

We began the proceedings with singing and Tudor dancing to ‘Past Time with Good Company’ written by Henry VIII himself.


Next, we performed our witches’ spells based on Shakespeare’s ‘Song of the Witches’ from Macbeth.

img_3672 img_3668

We then performed the songs we wrote about Bloody Mary, Henry VIII’s first daughter who was called Bloody Mary for burning Protestants at the stake!


We then performed our very own Tudor advert for sugar toothpaste favoured by Queen Elizabeth I.  No wonder her teeth were black!

p1060707 p1060706

We were delighted to see so many of the parents get involved with our Tudor activities of illuminated manuscript and the Tudor portrait competition.


We were so proud of our Tudor Banquet and hope that you enjoyed it as much as we did!

The Christmas Star

This half-term Reception’s topic has been ‘Up Above and Down Below’.  We have read lots of stories on this theme, and our learning inspired us to create a show that included some of the characters we have encountered, such as teddies and aliens. We spent a lot of time practising our singing and acting, and talking about how we could make our performance special for the audience.  On Wednesday 7th December, we performed our Nativity production “The Christmas Star”.

Some children were decorating the tree for Christmas, but where is the star for the top of the tree?
They asked some fireworks if they had seen the Christmas Star, but the fireworks hadn’t.
The aliens had not seen the Christmas Star either.
Finally, they asked some teddy bears who were having a picnic on the moon if they had seen the Christmas Star. The teddy bears had not seen the Christmas Star.
The children returned to their decorations box and inside they found a Nativity scene. A star led the way to the newborn baby Jesus.
Finally the children had found the star for the top of the Christmas tree!

We are so proud of the final performance. Thank you to everyone who came along to support us.

The cast of ‘The Christmas Star’.



Layer Up Day

Layer Up Day was the best!  I took part in it and wore lots of layers! We raised lots of money.  The 999 Club really appreciated that fact that children layered up and payed £1 to help a homeless person have a sleeping bag.  If people didn’t raise any money to help people with no home, they might freeze to Death.

At Edmund Waller we did the Right Thing!!!!!!!!!

We managed to raise £84.56 in just one day. However its was also quiet disappointing, because only a few people did it. Next time we could do better. Our next event is the Cake Competition where we hope to raise even more money.   (We think it will!)

One enthusiastic child wore 16 layers, could you do better?

Really make an effort because we are doing it not for us but for people that really need our help!

How many layers of clothes do you think this young lady is wearing?
How many layers of clothes do you think this young lady is wearing?

My favourite animals


Border collies are my favourite animal! They are fun, clever and energetic creatures. I would LOVE a border collie but I can’t because our house is too small and I’m allergic! They need a lot of exercise and they are great fun to play with but they are a lot of work if you like going to the park a lot or going outside then this is the perfect dog for you. Training a border collie is not easy because these dogs are very fast learners and they pick up on everything and learn extremely quickly. That means you have to train them very quickly so they don’t pick up any bad habits.

Whoever likes dogs I totally agree with you because they are extremely AWESOME animals!!!  Why you should like border collies!


That is why you should LOVE border collies. YAY!!! THE END P.S YOU HAVE TO LIKE BORDER COLLIES!!!HAVE TO!!!

See you next time when i tell you about my other favourite animals!



the-last-of-the-sky-pirates-bestThis is one of my very favourite books. It is pretty much description haters only. I mean it has a bit of description but just enough for you to get an idea but not too much so you don’t get bored. It tells about a year but it is kind of thin. Great story love it. Recommended for 8-11 year olds.
Thiswizard-of-earthsea-good book is amazing and very interesting but very hard to get lost in. you will probably only be able to take in the story if you are in a quiet room with no distractions. Almost perfect recommended for 10-13 year olds