In japan there is a lot of fashion but today I’m going to talk about the KIMONO the kimono is a long dress like gown. The gown is worn by male and female but depending on the gender the kimono is a different shape and size. The girl’s kimono has lots of different patterns but mostly flowers, plants and interesting shapes once you put the gown on they will rap a strip of silk material around their waste. The flowers are often cherry blossoms as the cherry blossom is Japans national flower.


The art in Japan is amazing there is a type of paper that you fold to make different things like…shapes animals plants and many more. The paper can be different colours OR different patterns all the patterns are very pretty and will look great with pretty much any combination .


If you would like to learn about Japanese food and how to make Japanese food then update to next times block…ENJOY!

A visit from an astronaut

This week we have been learning about space. Conveniently enough an astronaut crash landed in our outdoor area and needed our help to fix her rocket. The children were all very helpful and had a great time. They were then able to ask the astronaut some questions, such as: How do you eat your food in space?, Have you ever seen an alien? and Why did you crash land?

Once their questions had been answered it was time to count down the rocket and send the astronaut back to space. The children enjoyed their visit and will be thinking of messages to send the astronaut over the next few days.p1010500 p1010501 p1010502 p1010503 p1010504 p1010505 p1010506 p1010508 p1010509 p1010510 p1010511 p1010512 p1010513 p1010514 p1010516 p1010517 p1010518 p1010519 p1010520 p1010521 p1010522 p1010523 p1010524 p1010525