Eggs-citing Times! Eggs, Let’s WAIT for the cracking!

Our eggs have arrived! In a couple of days they will start to hatch!

The chicks will use their ‘egg-tooth’ to peck away at the shell from the inside. Then the egg will crack and a baby chick will hatch!

Remember! We must not help them hatch. They can do that all by themselves!

What do you think we should call them?


Glove Making – Homework

This week you have made a prototype glove in science and DT. Your homework for this week is to write and explanation of how you did it!

Remember to include the key features of an explanation text:

1. Write a title at the top of your page explaining what your piece of writing is about.

2. Write a few sentences to explain what gloves are and what they we use them for. You could start your sentences with: ‘Gloves are…’ and ‘People have been…’.

3. Start a new paragraph. In this paragraph EXPLAIN how you made the gloves. To do this, break down the process into steps. Try to use the following connectives in your writing: firstly, secondly, next, after that, then, later and finally. Draw diagrams to help explain your writing if needed – make sure these are drawn neatly and coloured in well.

4. Start a new paragraph; use this paragraph to end your explanation writing by summarising what you have written about.

5. Read back through your work to check that it makes sense.


2 J cloths










IMG_6758 IMG_6757 IMG_6756 IMG_6755 IMG_6754 IMG_6753 IMG_6752 IMG_6751 IMG_6750


Well here I am again and today I will be talking about manga sketches and art! So I love all of those things and love to do them! Manga sketches and art are all different things in their own way. Manga is an amazing type of drawing were… I don’t know how to explain it but I love drawing it and I draw it all the time. Next up is sketches and sketches are drawings but you do lots of faint little lines to make one big picture or image, so if you make mistakes you can correct them because there are faint lines. And finally drawing. Well drawing is just drawing and you can draw whatever you like.

There are lots of interesting pieces of art you can find on the internet and get inspiration and ideas from. Art is an exciting thing to explore and discover. When you are bored just get out a piece of paper and a pen or pencil and doodle, draw or sketch! You should discover something new and fun that you like to do or continue if you are already are doing it!

Watch out for my next blog about my first dairy entry!