Wick Court farm day 1

On  the 16/1/17 year 5 went onto a over night visit to Wick Court farm. The coach came for us at 10, finely it was time to have lunch at 12:00 we got  back onto the coach at 12:31. We arrived at the farm at 2:00, we got a drink and a snack then we did a fire drill. We had to do the fire drill 2 times because  people was talking, the frist group did some farm work first. Then we had showers and talked in are beds.  


Today i had a graet experience we went on a peace walk without talking the sound of what was around me was so diffarent it was like a new world it gied me thro the park i never know that if you put your mind into it.They gave us a rock to walk with when i looked inside of it was so diffrent the dittall was the most betiful the way it was shaped i loved it i look into the rain drops it was so nice the way they slowy went down the window and how it magicly went away i have never went with out talking for more then 2 mins .