Our favourite things this term has been the memorial experience and Hugo Cabret by Ismail and John 5F

John say: ” The reason why I enjoyed ¬†the memorial experience because we got to show to our parents all we have done in this term. It was nice to see the parents impressed with our work . It made me feel proud and made me want to continue with my learning and working very hard.”

Ismail says: “The reason why i enjoyed reading and watching ¬†Hugo Cabret ¬†is because it made me feel emotional ¬†and really understand how it would feel to be him.”







Designing For Life

Our highlight of our topic, Designing for Life, was the LEGO workshop. We were visited by Derek Speed on Monday, who brought with him boxes and boxes of LEGO. He explained to us that we would be split into groups. Together, we would need to build a small village including: an area of water, roads, cluster of houses, a few taller houses, a train track and a bridge. Once a house had finished being built, Derek reminded us how wire a simple circuit, complete with a switch,and instructed us to put a circuit in each house so that once  the city had finished being built, it looked like it had proper lights.

Maya and Ivy

Lego city/town by Jason and Lyon

In year 5 we made Lego Cities /Towns we also had to make circuits to make the city light up. ¬†We were made up in group’s of 7 and the people who worked there taught us how to light up are houses and to make flats by sticking are houses together we also got train tracks and made the trains move to make sure the Lego people could travel. ¬†We had been given two cars to put on the train track because.

6 + 1 makes…

…. for a happy memorable event!

This afternoon, our oldest children combined with some of the youngest children in the school, to share Year 6’s work on habitats and adaptation.

image image image

Year 6 created clues and took the Year 1 children on a hunt around the school grounds.

image image image image

We then shared some of our fantastic animals, that we had created in our English work.

The children worked really well together and cooperated beautifully.


Cheers – the Year 6 Team : )