Fairy tales

Once upon a time, there was a dragon. He lived inside a cave behind a waterfall and rarely left his home except to go fishing once every year. One day, when the dragon was fishing, he saw a young rabbit. Being a shy dragon, he hid in a nearby cave but the rabbit saw him. The rabbit politely said hello. Although it is unkind to ignore one when one is only being friendly, the dragon flew away and hid in his cave.

A year later, the dragon went fishing again. The rabbit was sitting on the bank of the river. When he saw the dragon, his face lit up. The dragon was going to fly away but the rabbit looked so hopeful that he stayed and talked with him.

They became the best of friends and lived

happily ever after


The End

cinema is da new topic

in class are new topic is learning about cinema and the first ever films made . the creator of films is a man called George melies  who thought it would be useful to entertain people . one of his first films is one we have been learning about in class because it shows about a man who meets the moon . i find it interesting as it is really funny and easy for me to understand . the boring thing which i do understand is that it has no colour for every frame that’s going to come up . i hope that if he was still alive today that he would get enough money to make even more films with the ideas he had . unfortunately now my most favorite film director now is Steven Spielberg because he has ideas just as good . thank you for listening to my blog  about cinema .