5M Half Term Projects

Throughout the term, students of 5M have been having fun learning about the Roman Empire during their topic classes. Over the half term break, the students are to complete a project of their choosing on the condition that it relates to the Roman Empire and that it is historically accurate.

We set aside a small portion of today’s lesson to brainstorm some possible project ideas. This is what the students came up with:

  • Write a Roman mythology story set in the modern day.
  • Produce a booklet, leaflet or poster on Roman gods, gladiators, the Roman army or any other significant part of the Roman Empire.
  • A diary entry written from your perspective but set in Roman times.
  • Roman fashion design.
  • Build or design a model of a Roman villa, The Colosseum, a chariot or any example of Roman architecture or technology.

Here are some great websites to help you with your research:

BBC Bitesize 

Primary Homework Help – The Romans

Ducksters – Ancient Rome

Students are also reminded to continue to practice their timetables and to make sure that they are accessing Bug-Club and Mathletics from home if possible.

Most importantly, enjoy a safe and relaxing break and make sure to have fun and enjoy the sunshine!

Mr McArthur.




This illusion looks like an eye, but if you look carefully it is actually the drain of a sink of bath tub… the drain looks like the eye ball and the water surrounding it looks like the iris and around the “eye” there are many bubbles which makes it look even more like a bath tub.

optile illusion


This second optical illusion looks like this lady/girl’s torso has either disappeared or has turned invisible… but actually the girl is holding a mirror in a specific way so that it is facing the grass bellow her.


In this illusion some people see two skulls in the left and right side of the page, some people see one face in the middle of the page and some people see two faces facing towards each other also in the middle of the page.

opticle illusions

This optical illusion is much like the one before: some people see an old couple, some people see a bird cage and a stair case with a woman on it in the ears of the old couple and others see a young couple sitting in the faces of the old couple wearing sombreros and playing the guitar.


Silly Songs UK

The Jammy-Jam-Jam song


JAAAAAAAAAAMMMM! I love my lovely JAAAAAAAAAAMMMM! I make it with my NAAAAAAAAAAAANNN! I feel I’m in love with the stewed amazingness they call JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMM!

Strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, plum.

Gooseberry, Jammy-Jam, I give it to my mum.



Fairy tales

If you haven’t read my previous blog post click here.


As the stars began to appear, the girl tiptoed out of her home and into the night. It was a still night and nothing seemed to be alive except for the cold breeze that stung her skin and caused her to shiver. Not even the moon had decided to light her way and she was soon stumbling blindly through the forest. After many hours of searching she began to believe that the eldest cub had been lying and that the owl didn’t exist. She collapsed against a tree and soon fell asleep. The next day, birds awoke her.

Her hair was full of leaves and her face smeared with mud. Not far off, a squirrel scurried away and an owl hooted, causing her to jump up.

The wise owl was perched in a clearing, surrounded by different creatures with different questions. As the girl entered the clearing, the owl looked up and smiled.

‘What is your tale? Please share it with me. Then I can answer your question,’ he hooted.

She shuffled towards him, her gaze focused on her bare feet.

‘‘My story is about a child. No one knows who she is or where she is or anything about her. She went missing so many years ago. She is here. Since she stole from a most sacred place, they have all been after her. The best hiding place is this forest. Perhaps that tree over there is a good place to sleep for two and a half months and wake up to a new life of comfort and joy. That girl had forgotten everything and only remembered today.

My question please.’’

“Oliana is the bear that gave you a home, oliana is the tree that sheltered you, oliana is all that stands for helping you. Also, oliana is your sur-name.”

The girl left that clearing knowing who she was and where she was heading.


My next blog post will include this character.

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