Our Memorable Event: a Treasure Hunt

At the beginning of term we went on a Treasure Hunt and were really upset when there wasn’t any treasure.

Now we have found out the answers to all the questions and went back to tell the teddies.P1010757 P1010758 P1010759 P1010760

Zoe answered question number one which was ‘what is the difference between a crocodile and an alligator ?’ ¬† She said ‘Their teeth are different.’P1010762 P1010764 P1010765 P1010766 P1010767 P1010768

George had the answer for ¬†‘Why does a bear hibernate?

He said ‘They hibernate in the winter when there isn’t any food and wake up in the Spring when there is.’
P1010769 P1010771 P1010772 P1010773 P1010774 P1010775 P1010776

Charlie was able to answer question number three, What was the first aeroplane like ? He said ‘It was made of wood and had flat wings.’P1010777 P1010778 P1010779 P1010780 P1010781Ernie told the teddy bear with question number four all about his grand parents who went in a canoe in a river with hippos and crocodiles.


P1010782 P1010783 P1010784 P1010785 P1010786 P1010787 P1010788 P1010789 P1010790 P1010791 P1010792

Samir could answer question number five which was ‘How does a bus driver know where to go? He said he uses a map on his computer.P1010793 P1010794 P1010795 P1010796 P1010797 P1010798 P1010800 P1010801 P1010802 P1010803 P1010804

Betsy told the bear that the best material for a boat was wood because it floats. So we had completed the challenge and answered all the questions correctly. P1010805 P1010807 P1010808 P1010809 P1010810 P1010811 P1010812

Our reward was a treasure chest full of treasure. Well done Reception B !

Oh We Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside!

As part of our topic ‘We Love Adventures’, we visited the seaside at Joss Bay! We all had a fantastic day playing in the sand¬†and paddling in the sea. Thank you to all the parents¬†who came with us, you were a great help and we could not have done¬†the visit¬†without you.

Enjoying the coach journey there……


IMG_7097 IMG_7098 IMG_7105 IMG_7107 IMG_7114

Playing in the sand ….

IMG_7118 IMG_7119 IMG_7120 IMG_7123 IMG_7124 IMG_7125 IMG_7126 IMG_7128 IMG_7129

Picnic Time!

IMG_7131 IMG_7133 IMG_7134 IMG_7135 IMG_7137

We LOVED paddling in the water and jumping over the waves….

IMG_7139 IMG_7141 IMG_7143 IMG_7144 IMG_7147 IMG_7150 IMG_7151 IMG_7153 IMG_7155 IMG_7156 IMG_7157 IMG_7158 IMG_7159 IMG_7160 IMG_7162 IMG_7163 IMG_7165 IMG_7168 IMG_7170

Homeward bound….. ¬†IMG_7187 IMG_7188 IMG_7189

VE Day

Last Friday, the Year 3 children celebrated the end of their Dig for Victory topic with a VE Day celebration at school.P1020892 - Copy

Megan: “VE Day celebrates the end of World War II in Europe (VE stands for Victory in Europe. ¬†Megan used to think that it meant ‘Victory for England’, so she has learnt something new). ¬†We usually celebrate on the 8th of May every year but our celebration was at the end of our topic in July. ¬†At the end of World War II, lots of communities had street parties, where they celebrated the end of the war together. ¬†Before our¬†street party, we¬†pretended to be different countries or dictators and we did a drama activity where we ¬†learnt¬†the order in which different countries joined the war.”


Abdullahi: “I am going to explain how we got ready for our street party. ¬†We made Union Flags to decorate the playground and worked in a team to put out the tables and chairs. ¬†We had food to eat like biscuits, cake and sandwiches. ¬†I also drank lemon juice that was so sour, it made me run around the playground. ¬†In World War II, they didn’t have very much food, so people had a little ration book to make sure the food was shared out fairly. ¬†This was because the Germans used submarines to attack the boats with food on them. ¬†I am glad I did not live during World War II, the bombs would have been scary. Some of the bombs had teeth on them.”