Our 1665 Houses

We made good use of all the boxes and various bits of cardboard that came into the classroom – we’ve started building our 1665 houses!

Look at how they’re developing in these photos……

P1040752 P1040754 P1040755 P1040756 P1040757 P1040758 P1040759 P1040760 P1040761 P1040762 P1040763 P1040764 P1040765 P1040766 P1040767 P1040799 P1040800 P1040801 P1040802 P1040803 P1040804 P1040805 P1040806

We finished constructing our houses, but lots of us did get a bit carried away with the paint! As Leila said, “We’ve painted them orange or brown under the roof!” We are now in the process of improving them so they are the traditional white and black (or brown timber) of the period, like this one built by Blessing, Dexter, Alfie and Felipe:


P1040846 P1040847 P1040848 P1040849 P1040850 P1040851

Watch this space for the final products, or come and see them in the classroom at Parent Drop-in.

Year 4 Home Learning


This week, children have been actively using ‘Star Counting’ to learn the 4 times table.  Over the weekend, they are to create a new ‘Star Counting’ sequence, to share with the class, to help learn the 6 times table.


All the children have received their Guided Reading texts this week.  To help introduce their texts, we want to gather pictures of the children reading this text in strange, unusual or interesting locations.


To help build our passion for reading, everyone is to write a review about their favourite book to display in class or on the class blog.  This review should include a summary of the book, the reasoning why it is their favourite book and the types of readers who would also enjoy this book.


Please remember to support your children with their home reading by both listening to them read and discussing their books with them.  Please share your comments with the class teachers by recording them in their Reading Records so we can work together to help your child make the best possible progress.

Also, Mathletics has been updated to include a range of addition activities which will help your child to consolidate their learning from the unit we have just been learning about.