6JO Home Learning – Friday 23rd March


We have been learning about the way in which animals have evolved through natural selection so that they are well suited their habitat.

Do you think ‘mother nature’ has got it right?! What if you could bring to life an animal that you believe is the best suited for the environment in which it can be found?

This week, your task is to design an animal that you think is perfectly suited to an environment of your choice. You can choose from:

  • the Arctic
  • a rainforest habitat
  • a coral reef habitat
  • a desert habitat
  • a mountain habitat
  • a coastal habitat

You should present your animal using images and annotations, describing the physical features of the animal and the way in which it’s adapted to suit its habitat.

Due: Tuesday 27th March

THE MINI BEAST GYM – Our Memorable Event

This morning, 4R ran a Mini Beast work out for Reception GT, combining both of our Spring Topics. 


We we started with a game of Simon Says to warm up. 

Then the Reception children rotated around the mats to do different mini-beast themed exercises. 4R were amazing at being enthusiastic and giving instructions! 

We ended with a game of Musical Mini Beasts and had a lot of fun dancing!