Year 2 home learning 7th June 2018

Your homework this week is to learn the year 2 summer concert song!

  1.  Learn the words for Healthy Me!
  2. Practise singing the song with good diction, spitting out the ends of words.  The red letters are the letters you should try to sing carefully.
  3. Practise singing the song for auditions for solo parts on Monday.

Good luck!

Download (PDF, 273KB)

We love adventures!

Our new topic began with an adventure right here in our very own school playground! Someone had left a map in our classroom, so we decided to follow the map to see if we could find treasure.  Along the way we met different animals who asked us questions that were a little tricky to answer.  At the end we found the treasure chest, but unfortunately Evil Pea had tricked us! He had taken the treasure, and we will only get it back if we return with the correct answers to all the questions.