RM’s First Educational Visit to St Mary Frobisher Park

On Tuesday 25th September RM went on their first ever educational visit. To explore our local area and give the children the opportunity to experience learning outside of school we decided to visit St Mary Frobisher Park.

The children were fantastic throughout and showed how grown up they were. They took turns using the swing and slide and demonstrated their great climbing and balancing skills on the climbing bars. Some of the children even managed to squeeze in some football.

Everything went really well (except for Mr Moore’s choice of green bananas for a snack) and I would like to thank again the children and the volunteers who made our visit possible.

Reception’s First Educational Visit

On Tuesday 25th September Reception S and M had our first Educational Visit. We were lucky for gorgeous weather as we walked (very sensibly!) to St Mary Frobisher park on St Mary’s Road.

The children in Reception S had a fantastic time at the park. Many of them had not been to this park before, so it was great to explore. There were some fantastic role play stories taking place; with trolls under bridges, monsters in caves and secret missions to find treasure.

Reception S found out that they are fantastic climbers and spent lots of time exploring ways to get around a tricky climbing frame. Some of the children found it a little scary as it was quite high, but showed amazing perseverance and resilience and kept on trying until they managed to get all the way round.

A team of intrepid explorers had a brilliant bug hunt and found some really interesting interesting insects: some of which even the adults hadn’t seen before. A fantastic morning made possible by the children, who were amazing as always and our parent volunteers who came to support: thank you again.

“I liked climbing on the rock”- Fatima

“My favourite part was playing football” – Deniz

“I like the slide” – Rachel

“I liked sliding down the slide”- Alba

“I liked finding beetles”- Oliver

Year 1’s Paleontologists visit the Natural History Museum

Our first topic in Year 1 is called ‘Dinosaurs’.  We got this off to a roaring start with a visit to the Natural History Museum!  We found out lots of information about dinosaurs and fossils, and then we had a go at being palaeontologists.

We explored the Dinosaur Gallery.
What dinosaur is this? How do you know? What did it eat? Why does it have horns?
What can you find out about dinosaurs from these footprints?

What did you find out in the Dinosaur Gallery?

Sophie the Stegosaurus
Paleontologists at work!
What can we find out about Sophie from her skull?
How many spikes did Sophie have? What did she use them for?

We found out the answers to lots of questions about Dinosaurs, and we are looking forward to learning more during our topic.

Thank you to all the adults who joined us, and helped make our day a success!