Year 5 Holiday Homelearning

Next term, our topic is ‘Designing for Life’. Over the holidays, we would like you to choose one invention that you think is brilliant and find out some information about it:

  1. Who invented it?
  2. What was the purpose of the invention?
  3. Who was it intended to be used by?
  4. What impact did it have on people’s lives?
  5. Has it been improved since the original design? How?
  6. How do you think it could be further improved?

You should present your findings in an engaging and informative way on the poster sheet provided and hand it in on Wednesday of the first week back (9th January)

Have a wonderful break!

Ms Jones and Mr Diamond

Year 5 Memorable Event – Our ‘Water Celebration’

Last week, we rounded off our topic, ‘Water, Water Everywhere’ in style with a Water Celebration. We put together an art gallery of our pencil and pastel drawings and watercolour paintings, displayed photos and work related to our educational visits and other topic learning and also made and sold delicious soup.