2MH visit Shoreham, Kent!

Today, 2MH went to Shoreham, Kent to compare the countryside to the city.  Children walked around the village with clipboards writing about what they could see and hear.  They found many differences between Shoreham, Kent and New Cross.  They drew one of they houses in Shoreham and they noticed that in London the houses are much closer together.  The flats are high and narrow, whereas in Shoreham they are wide and low!  They found Shoreham much quieter with fewer cars and people.  We finished by doing a traffic count for ten minutes.  In New Cross, we counted over 60 cars in 10 minutes but in Shoreham, we only counted 6.

Children were brilliant today.  They were focused on their learning and there was a lot of walking – they marched like little troopers.  Well done, 2MH!

2G visits Shoreham!

Today 2G went to visit Shoreham village in Kent as part of our topic – Let’s explore!

Following our Telegraph Hill visit last week, we compared differences between a busy city and a countryside village.

We walked past a small church, open fields and even a wooden bus shelter where the bus comes every 2 hours! We had a great day and made great comparisons between our local area and somewhere more remote.



A big thank you to the parent helpers who accompanied us today!

Miss Green

When The Circus Came To Town

Last week we were lucky enough to be visited by Matt the circus performer from Bloom’s Circus. This really did make the children go Gosh and Wow as he demonstrated how to juggle scarves, balance on a tightrope, use a Diablo, spin plates and much, much more.

It was then the children’s turn to show off their circus skills.

Our memorable event will take place on Wednesday 22nd May 2:30-3:30.

2G’s walk around New Cross

On Thursday, 2G went on a walk around our local area to identify key features in preparation for our Educational Visit to Shoreham Village in Kent on Monday.

We walked up to Upper Telegraph Hill park and described what we could hear and smell. Then we identified any man-made and natural things around us.

We greatly enjoyed seeing a beautiful view of Central London’s skyline and are very excited to compare our area to Shoreham!

Miss Green