2G visit Whitstable!

On Friday, 2G went on an Educational Visit to Whitstable as part of our ‘Let’s Explore’ topic! We had a great day exploring the seaside town. We looked at similarities and differences to our local area and the countryside village of Shoreham which we visited earlier in the term.

We had an action packed day full of drawing seafront houses and beach huts, paddling in the sea, skimming rocks and playing on the beach building good old fashioned sand castles!

A huge thank you to the parents and carers who accompanied us on this visit.

Miss Green


Year 6 – Home Learning 7th June 2019

Due Monday 10th June

In English this week, we have started to learn the Shakespeare play Twelfth Night. Therefore, for home learning this weekend you need to find out as much as you can about William Shakespeare, for example:

  • Personal facts – When and where did he live? What was his family like?
  • What sort of writing did he do and why was it so important to English literature?

Remember to use some of the features we have learned about writing biographies. Your work should be well-presented, in full sentences with good descriptive detail and using a wide range of punctuation. You can use drawings and pictures to illustrate your work.