Teddy Bears


Teddy Bears

Out Topic this term is Toys – Old and New and we have been learning lots about the toys our parents and grandparents enjoyed playing with.  Lots of our relatives told us that they loved playing with their teddy bears. We were interested to find out how teddy bears got their name.

The teddy bear is named after U.S. President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt.

In 1902, President Roosevelt participated in a bear-hunting trip in Mississippi. While hunting, Roosevelt declaredthe behavior of the other hunters “unsportsmanlike” after he refused to kill a bear they had captured.

As news of the hunting trip spread, many newspapers around the country featured political cartoons starring “Teddy” and “the bear.”

Meanwhile, in Brooklyn, New York, a shop owner named Morris Michtom saw one of the cartoons and had an idea. Michtom and his wife created plush, stuffed bears and placed them in the front window of their shop.

With permission from Roosevelt, Michtom named the bears “Teddy bears.” They were an instant success. Ladies and children carried the bears with them in public. President Roosevelt even used the teddy bear as his mascot when he ran for re-election.


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  1. Did you know that teddy bears were named by the amarican presidant 100 years ago and he was called:Teddy. It was becuase he saved a bear.It was real and alive!

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