2L’s 1665 Houses


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Last week, 2L planned, built, decorated and evaluated our very own ‘Great Fire Of London’ houses.  Thank you for all the lovely boxes, we had a fantastic time completing our projects.

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First, we studied houses from the period and familiarised ourselves with what shapes and colours we would need and what the houses would have been made from.

We then sketched and labelled a plan in our topic books, before working in groups to decide who’s plan would be the best to use, given the shapes and sizes of the boxes we had. We built our houses using boxes, tubes, glue and masking tape, before covering them in white sugar paper. Colour mixing was very important because we needed to create the colour of straw for the thatched roofs and dark brown for the wooden beams and even candle lit windows in some of the houses.

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1666 Houses
1666 Houses

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After we had finished, we took the time to reflect on our houses and wrote up an evaluation. The finished houses tended to look fairly different from our plan because we had used team work to change and adapt our designs. We are very proud of the finished products and look forward to showing you when we see you for Parent Drop in, next Thursday!

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