2MH visit Shoreham, Kent!

Today, 2MH went to Shoreham, Kent to compare the countryside to the city.  Children walked around the village with clipboards writing about what they could see and hear.  They found many differences between Shoreham, Kent and New Cross.  They drew one of they houses in Shoreham and they noticed that in London the houses are much closer together.  The flats are high and narrow, whereas in Shoreham they are wide and low!  They found Shoreham much quieter with fewer cars and people.  We finished by doing a traffic count for ten minutes.  In New Cross, we counted over 60 cars in 10 minutes but in Shoreham, we only counted 6.

Children were brilliant today.  They were focused on their learning and there was a lot of walking – they marched like little troopers.  Well done, 2MH!

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