4S Masks

In 4S we have been making Aztec Masks. First, we drew them in our Art books. Next, we started to make the outline of the masks with clay. We flattened the clay with rolling pins and sticks. We made all the holes that there were on the mask and used special tools to make the patterns. After that, we were given another giant piece of clay. We had to stick it on the old piece because on some masks there were things that stuck out. We were very careful not to mix it with the old piece because if we did, when we put our masks in the kiln they would explode and the force would make all the rest break as well. When we had finished shaping them we gave them to our teacher who put them on trays. The kiln heated them 1000 degrees!

The next week we got our heated masks. A few had broken in the kiln, but apart from that they were fine. They had turned white in the kiln and some looked identical. We started to glaze them but we got a bit confused. The glaze colours were not the colours they said they were! For example, the white was sky blue, the green a muddy brown and the blue was grey. P1070304 - CopyWe put them in the kiln again, but even though we have not painted them yet we will do soon!

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