5M Half Term Projects

Throughout the term, students of 5M have been having fun learning about the Roman Empire during their topic classes. Over the half term break, the students are to complete a project of their choosing on the condition that it relates to the Roman Empire and that it is historically accurate.

We set aside a small portion of today’s lesson to brainstorm some possible project ideas. This is what the students came up with:

  • Write a Roman mythology story set in the modern day.
  • Produce a booklet, leaflet or poster on Roman gods, gladiators, the Roman army or any other significant part of the Roman Empire.
  • A diary entry written from your perspective but set in Roman times.
  • Roman fashion design.
  • Build or design a model of a Roman villa, The Colosseum, a chariot or any example of Roman architecture or technology.

Here are some great websites to help you with your research:

BBC Bitesize 

Primary Homework Help – The Romans

Ducksters – Ancient Rome

Students are also reminded to continue to practice their timetables and to make sure that they are accessing Bug-Club and Mathletics from home if possible.

Most importantly, enjoy a safe and relaxing break and make sure to have fun and enjoy the sunshine!

Mr McArthur.



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