A Day as Katniss Everdeen

A diary entry in role as Katniss Everdeen:

I woke up startled. My back ached and the burn on my calf wasn’t healing. As my eyes focused on the rabbit hopping around the tree trunk, I ate one strip of beef from my pack. Cautiously, I climb  down from the tree, looking in all directions for any sign of the Careers. Nothing. The rabbit I saw earlier has hopped over to a bush. I raise my knife…

Under a looming willow, I start a fire, careful to conceal the smoke. The rabbit tastes delicious. l wrap some meat in my plastic and move on, climbing higher and higher as I scale the valley. Where are the Careers? I don’t know but I continue to follow Haymitch’s advice and look for water. No sign, not a trickle or stream. Walking on I look hopeful – hopeful that one of the sponsors will spare a coin, allowing me to drink.

Hunger scrapes in my stomach, causing me to eat the remains of the rabbit. Before I hadn’t felt the reality of the arena. This is the Hunger Games.



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