A day in the life of Lil and Boo

A day in the life of Lil and Boo


I’m guessing most of you have read my A day in the life of Colin blog and thanks for all those comments (they really helped me do this blog). So, I’ve done the same thing with my rabbits. I hope you enjoy J (I’ve done a key to help you) Lily=red and Boo=blue


Lily: Boo. Boo wake up I want you to wash me.

Boo: No.

Lily: Booooooo. Don’t be mean!!!Boo. Are you even listening?

Boo: No

Lily: Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!

Lily thinks she is not small and cuddly, but instead an evil mastermind who makes her sister wash the inside of their ears and their bum (she does bite).

Boo: Lily, get off me!!!

Lily: No. Not until you Wash me!!!

Boo: You know your not scary right?


Boo: But you have a fluffy little tail, and you’re really small and…

Lily flies at Boo and bites her bum (sometimes she does do this, not aggressively though, just a warning)

Boo: Owwwww, I’m going to tell Looby.

Someone comes outside and opens the lid of the hutch.”Girls, breakfast” they both rush up.

Boo: Looby,Looby Lily was mean to me.

Lily: Looby, Looby Boo won’t wash me.

To humans this is just silence. (Rabbits don’t make noise. Sometimes the occasional squeak)

“Looby” picks up Boo.

Boo: Ahhhhhhh!!!I have been picked up by the Looby, picked up by the Looby, if I put my paws over my eyes I will survive.

She takes boo inside, and then goes back for Lily.

 Lily:  GRRR, get your naked paws of me, I wasn’t finished ripping up the newspaper.


Boo: Lily…I have found the rabbit biscuit box.

Boo can open it using her teeth.

 Boo: Almost got it…ahhhhhhh. The beautiful smell of biscuits.

Lily: Ooo oooo Boo can I have one.

Boo: Urrrr ok.

10 minutes later

When the rabbit are in the run…

Lily: Ahhhhh!!! Boo stop washing the inside of my ears, I want to get to sleep.

Boo: I’m not going to stop you are dirty.

Lily: I’m not going to sit next to you!!!

Lily goes to the other side of the run.

 Boo:  Well…I’m not going to sit next to you either.

They both turn their backs on each other.

Boo: I’m not going to talk to yo!!!

Lily: You are now though!!!

Boo: Well your’re talking to me as well.

They both turn away again.

Lily: Hey Boo…What do yo say to a wash?

Boo: Yeh ok then.


6 hours later


Boo: “Yyyyyaaaaaawwwwnnnn” Ahhhh Lily,that was a nice sleep. Lily.Lily wake up.

Lily: Owww!!! You didn’t have to sit on my face!

Boo: Ok ok,I’m sorry!

Boo: Hey Lily why is Looby pointing at us?

Lily: I dunno!!!

3 hours later

Boo: Lily…Its getting dark!!! I don’t like it!!!

Lily: Ugggghhh not again last time you panicked you did a super stinky poo last time…ON MY HEAD SO STOP PANICKING!!!

Boo: Oh few. Lily Looby is coming

The Rabbits are put in the hutch

Lily: Boo, I want my heat pad. I’m cold.

A heat pad is a “pad” which you heat up and it keeps them warm a night

Boo: Don’t worry Lil, here it come now.

Looby brings the heat pad out.

Lily: Oh Its soooooooo warm.Boo Boo. Oh… she’s asleep.


Apart from a few more arguments or “baths” the rabbits are very nice to have, but they are hard work and they need a lot of attention.

I hope you enjoyed




9 thoughts on “A day in the life of Lil and Boo”

  1. HA HA HA!!! Your writing is soooo funny. I can imagine how hard it is to look after them. What are you going to wright about next ? I can’t believe you have more pets to wright about!!! O_O

  2. This is really good ”Looby” it just like real sisters and brother (especially the part when Boo sits on Lily’s head!)
    Do you actually see them sitting on each others heads and running to the other side of the run?

    Ashamiya 🙂

  3. Lulu I love your blog! It’s funny and I am really enjoining reading it, all you need to do is change some of it into colour like the top half.

  4. I love how you set out and layed out the and i love how you took the fact that you have the best rabbits in the world and you made them into a blog!
    ( also super cute story structure) 🙂

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