An egg-citing visit from the Bug Man!

Today 1GT were extremely brave as they came face-to-face with snakes, lizards, tarantulas and huge snails!  Andrew the Bug Man talked about the life-cycles of these egg-laying creatures, and we discovered their similarities and differences.  We even had the chance to stroke and pet them! What was your favourite creature?

What do lizards eggs look and feel like?
Where does a tortoise lay her eggs?
How does a tarantula smell and taste?
Why do male spiders have long legs?
Did you know that snails are both male and female!
What is the difference between a tortoise, a terrapin and a turtle?
What do baby tortoises look like?
Why does the lizard poke out its tongue?
Why did the snake look a little grey today?
What does a hermit crab do with its eggs after laying them on the beach?

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