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Are you looking for reasons why the internet is brilliant and useful? I will give you my thoughts on the subject.

What I really like doing on the internet is looking at cartoon cuties like Pokemon, Poked Studio or Studio Ghibli characters for inspiration, because I make stop animation. I am an artist like my dad who paints silhouettes.

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I also like listening to music on Spotify. I think it is fabulous because it pays off by giving the world a chance to see how much effort you have put in to a work of art. It’s good to make a community of people who are not selfish or jealous and really put pride in to congratulating all those people who should feel proud of their music. But we don’t all like the same music because we all have an opinion and have the right to share ideas and make bigger plans. It also reminds me of Mr Barrett.


I also like playing animated games like Sushi Cat and sometimes number games to improve my maths. This is good because it is educational.


So the internet is brilliant for art, music to relax to and learning.

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