Windmill Hill – Year 4 Overnight School Journey – Aidan + Abel 4S

Zip Wire
Zip Wire
Problem Solving
Problem Solving
Jacob’s Ladder

From 8th – 10th May Year 4 went to Windmill Hill PGL in East Sussex. It was extremely fun!!

We did a lot of activities, including:

  • Abseiling
  • Zip Wire
  • Climbing
  • Jacob’s Ladder
  • Archery
  • Sports and Team Games
  • Obstacle Course
  • Problem Solving

We loved this visit so much and we hope you liked our blog!

See you next time!





4S Drop Caps by Sylvia and Abel

In 4S we have been exploring drop caps in our wonderful art classes with Miss Skene. They are decorative capital letters used normally to start a chapter in a book. Here are some examples:

Image result for kawaii drop capsatermellon             Image result for kawaii drop capsImage result for tudor drop caps e   ach person had to choose whether to do a Tudor one or one showing their personality. We are writing our names with our drop caps at the beginning. We have started sketching out our designs in our art books.  Soon we will use a piece of cartridge paper with our final names on. We hope you have learnt something from our blog.




4S Macbeth Witch Spell

Abel , Sylvia and Maita acting out Macbeth Witches' spell
Abel , Sylvia and Maita acting out Macbeth Witches’ spell.

At the beginning of November we were writing spells related to the Witches‘ one in the play Macbeth by Shakespeare.  We also had to perform it and write it down on post it notes.

Things we needed to remember to do whilst acting are:

  • Project your voice
  • Emphasise certain words
  • Be in character,but not silly
  • Remember your lines
  • Believe in yourself (self-belief)
Spell on "Post It" notes.
Spell on “Post It” notes.