In year 5 we have  been   doing glove making   and  then we had to  tracy   are hand     but not  our  thumb. And then we had to do more  when we finsh the glove it will look like this and sum of us did not work they did’not fit awher  hand  and we wher making a proto tip . We will be making more of the glove latter  on whith .  MR Foster and awher TA  in school



I   class we have been reading Hugo and it is baste on a boy hows father  which had died in a fire and then now one  nous what  ha pend  so when he dad died  he as  steeling stuff   from a shop that day Hugo got court  he got. So l  think what  is going to ha pend  figers   what ha pend to  and ever thing will cum to gether   and it will cum.

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On the 30/10/2016 the Los Angeles cheer leading squad “The Rams” came to visit year five.  They showed us some dance routines with their pompoms . The music was loud and fast paced. The Rams also included year five in some of their dance routines which was so much fun. Some people in my year level even got to try on the pompoms!! The cheerleaders were doing a tour of England and regularly perform at the NFL in America. My year level felt very special because we were allowed to have a photo with the team and they even gave us their autographs. I put my photo up on my bedroom wall and it makes me smile every time I look at it because it was such a fun day.


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