In year 5 we have been studying Romans. One of our home learning activities is to represent your favourite feature of the Roman age. I quite enjoy the clothing and fashion of Romans,which will mean I can represent my fascination and show everyone. I have been designing mini tunics, togas and ponchos. In addition I have been making mini leather sandals to match the outfit.I hope  that I can show you all my hard work soon! This is my first design that I made of a day tunic that an average Roman woman would have worn!IMG_1267

The Bird Man an alternative Ending

It was the GREAT BIRD COMPETITION they were so excited.The Bird man and bird girl took one step of the old diving board auntie Door screamed “AHHHHH” bird girl sprang her wings out bird man soared through the sky they nearly got to the finish line but ….. bird girls feathers were falling bird man swooped down and grabbed her. He struggled to the finish line but his foot leaped on the island. They did it there dreams came true. Auntie door drove them home I here yellow bug . Then she backed one of her rock hard dumpling’s and stared singing her dumpling song.” Well I got no food but I’ve got dumping so I’m gonna make a dumpling to dump the ling oh yea you can’t stop the dumpling”. And they lived happily ever after.

4s algebra

  • 3x +5=20
  • First you have to take away 5 from 20
  • 5 – 20 = 15
  • Then do the bar model and split it into 4 and in three of them put x and in one 5
  • On top of the bar put 20 and on the bottom put 15
  • Then the bus stop method
    • And there your done
    • By Berenice and Nadiyah These are Algebra sumsay the aunser is 5

Hampton Court Palace!!!

tective in seach.

When we got in the Palace we were no longer  Edmund Waller Children we were… detectives!  Our first quest was to see if Henry VIII was just and fair but he was not!  But the thing we did not know was the evidence only was about the bad in him.  Under the table was some papers.  We read them and they told us that Henry was a just and fair king after all.  That was are detective mission…!